Chess Olympiad Istanbul 2012

Our treasurer Michael Negele was not the only KWA member who recently visited the Chess Olympiad in Istanbul. He and Calle Erlandsson (who was there a little earlier together with Jurgen Stigter) have provided us with a selection of photos which we like to show you in the following...

Michael Negele: "I was an eye witness of the 10th and 11th round, both were full of suspense. However I had to leave round 10 very early as I had been invited to the reception in the German consulate – together with my friend Dr. Kirkor Sirinyan."

Michael Negele: "Altogether the Olympiad was a success for me, apart from the unfavorable location of the Expo-Center with regard to the city. Moreover the spectators were a little disadvantaged, you could really watch the top boards only…"

You will find additional 16 photos in this picture gallery.

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