Chess events in Prague and Brunswick

The recent chess events in Prague and Brunswick were both visited by Michael Negele, we present a short résumé and quite a lot of photos.

From the Prague event (match David Navara vs Hou Yifan) we give three additional photos, the detailed documentation of the match by ChessBase and others is already linked in our short note from middle of June.

The auction in Brunswick at the following weekend was a kind of jubilee event as the first auction of chess books by the house Klittich-Pfankuch took place in June 1993, i.e. twenty years ago, here the catalog cover of this historical auction:

Our chairman Guy Van Habberney has written a summary of this year's event:

"The 64th Klittich auction in Brunswick was as usual well attended by KWA members. The atmosphere was even more relaxed than before. The generous hospitality of the Klittich family coupled with some very good schnaps certainly contributed to the joyful atmosphere. On Friday evening, our treasurer Michael Negele gave an interesting presentation (laced with quiz-like questions) on the theme of Blindfold chess. The chairman then gave a brief explanation on the planned legal incorporation of the KWA into a Foundation and an Association. Subsequently, most of the group walked to Al Duomo restaurant for a good meal and even better conversations. On Saturday morning, the auction itself went very smoothly, but the real surprise came at the end, when Karl Klittich announced that in November, some 1200 books of the late Lothar Schmid will be auctioned off. One can be certain that the auction hall will be packed for auction 65!"

Still to mention is Roger Klittich’s invitation to hold this year’s jubilee event of the KWA (our 10th anniversary) in Wolfenbüttel again, a nice suggestion which will hopefully be seized by our board.

Below a series of photos from Friday and Saturday:

The Powerpoint slides (as PDF) are linked in our Member section.

Some more photos from Brunswick in this gallery.

All photographs provided by Michael Negele and Guy Van Habberney.

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