Alessandro Sanvito 75!

Alessandro Sanvito with his wife Ermide
Alessandro Sanvito with his wife Ermide

Today our Italian member and friend Alessandro Sanvito (Milano) is celebrating his birthday – he can now look back on three-fourths of a century.
Dear Alessandro, we all wish you a happy and prosperous birthday and many more to come!

Alessandro Sanvito belongs to a very small group of currently outstanding chess historians and chess researchers worldwide, noted for numerous eminent publications in his field. A bibliography of his books alone (without the contributions to chess magazines) – by Luca D’Ambrosio – is given in this PDF, it contains an introduction by Alessandro Sanvito in Italian, German and English. From his articles we still link here Das Rätsel des Kelten-Spiels, translated from the Italian into German by our member Ulrich Schädler and published in Board Game Studies 5, 2002.
Alessandro visited quite often our meetings in the period 2005 to 2010 where he mostly gave lectures as well, I still remember his personal remembrance of Ken Whyld in Amsterdam 2005. In Vienna, 2010 he could receive the "Festschrift" in his honour (Part I) – nearly two years after his 70th birthday where it was originally planned for. Now we are still waiting for Part II of this commemorative publication ...

Alessandro Sanvito with his "Festschrift" Vienna, 2010
Alessandro Sanvito with his "Festschrift"Vienna, 2010

Congratulations! Alessandro, please stay healthy and get all that you want.

R.B., 14-12-2013

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