Albrecht Buschke

The 30th anniversary of Albrecht Buschke’s death was in this year’s January († 24-01-1986), while only a few days ago, on 3rd of October we could mark his 102nd birthday. In search of some information about Paul F. Schmidt Michael Negele has stumbled across a photo of Albrecht Buschke.

Below the remarkable find from Chess Review 1952, p132:

On this occasion we may remind you of Buschke’s autobiographical work, published in 3 parts in our CSQ newsletter, edited by Michael Negele in 2014:
CSQ 15, pp17-22; CSQ 16, pp4-11; CSQ17, pp15-24,
as well as of a few other finds on Buschke in our report Michael Negele's trip to the Netherlands.

I add an entry on Buschke from the Dictionary of American Antiquarian Bookdealers.

Egbert Meissenburg's article "Dr. Albrecht Buschke zum 75. Geburtstag" (Deutsche Schachzeitung 10/1979, S. 342f) is certainly easily available for most of our readers.

Moreover I have prepared a transcript of an article by Buschke on Chess Libraries in America, written for the Princeton University Library Chronicle 2.4 (June 1941), pp147-152: Transcript.


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