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Martha Kist
Martha Kist

In the Netherlands the Frisian institution Tresoar has announced the ambition to found a Dutch centre for mind game collections. Recently, Tresoar, that means ‘treasure’, has applied for the institutional membership of the Ken Whyld Association (by the way the association will be formally renamed as Chess History and Literature Society at January 1st, 2018).

Tresoar, Friesland Historical and Literary Centre, has been based in Leeuwarden, the capital of the Dutch province Friesland (English Frisia, and in the Frisian language Fryslân). Next year Leeuwarden will be the cultural capital of Europe. Tresoar is the result of the merger of the Frisian Provincial Library, the state archives of the province of Friesland and the Frisian Literature Museum and Centre for Documentation. In its meeting of November 24th in Braunschweig the Board accepted the application of Tresoar as an institutional member, whereupon Tresoar appointed Mrs. Martha Kist as its representative.

Martha Kist (1964) is subject librarian and archivist at Tresoar. She graduated in history and medieval studies at Groningen University and has been attached to Tresoar since 2002.
As representative for the institutional membership of Tresoar Martha Kist would like to contribute to augmenting and sharing the metadata of the Tresoar collection of chess literature, preferably on large international library platforms such as Worldcat. Cooperation with the ToBiblion project is intended as well.
Tresoar also aims at making chess and other mind games more known to the general public through the project Mind game collection the Netherlands, Tresoar. Mrs. Kist is acting as manager of this project. In the meantime, for the development of the centre for mind game collections a small steering committee has been formed consisting of Theo van Ees (go), Liuwe Westra (draughts, including Frisian draughts), and Bob van de Velde (bridge; chairman); they are all experienced in the fields of the history and of collecting literature of the respective games. The seat for chess is still vacant, but will hopefully be occupied by a member of the CHLS in short time.

Bob van de Velde

For more information: https://www.tresoar.nl

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