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Recently our member Luca D’Ambrosio (Bolzano) was quite busy with organizing the anniversary tournament of the "Bozner Open" (taking place for the first time in a castle!) as well as a living chess performance in Bolzano.

You will find some information (in German) about the Open as well as a selection of photos at

Living chess game in Bolzano
Living chess game in Bolzano

On Sunday, 15 February, Luca has contributed to the - as far as he knows first - living chess performance in South Tyrol: In the presence of the mayor the game Grünfeld - Rubinstein, Meran 1924 was staged on the Piazza della Vittoria (Victory Square, Siegesplatz). Luca has commented on the moves and also quoted from his book. And the mayor who plays chess as well even bought a copy ...

After all, the event appeared on the title page of the Italian newspaper with the highest circulation in South Tyrol, a paper which generally doesn’t write about chess at all:

More photos are shown in the following two slide shows as well as in a YouTube video:

25 photos: (photo no. 14: Luca D'Ambrosio)

13 photos:

Video (with Luca D'Ambrosio):

Information and photos courtesy of Luca D'Ambrosio.

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