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February 2024

New Member: Marc Ghannoum

Our new member, Marc Ghannoum from Canada, introduces himself in the members area (you must be logged in to read).

New Member: Marc Ghannoum

Exhibition: Chess and porcelain

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On 15 March, an exhibition will open in Hohenberg an der Eger, which for the first time is dedicated exclusively to porcelain and chess.

The following information can be found in the "Schach-Ticker".

SCHACH & PORZELLAN. DIE WELT AUF 64 FELDERN – eine Sonderausstellung des Porzellanikons (18.2.2024)

Facts about the exhibition

  • Objects from 12 countries: Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, France, China and Japan.
  • "The World on 64 Squares" is the first exhibition in Germany to exclusively show chess pieces made of porcelain.
  • Various activities and events on the subject of chess are planned to accompany the exhibition.
  • A 116-page catalogue will be published to accompany the exhibition.
  • The exhibition at Porzellanikon in Hohenberg an der Eger will run from 16 March to 13 October 2024. Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday and on public holidays 10 am to 5 pm. There are 28 chess sets, 43 individual pieces and 34 sets of pieces on display.
  • Address: Porzellanikon Hohenberg a.d. Eger, Schirndinger Str. 48, 95691 Hohenberg a.d. Eger, phone: +49 9233 7722-0, website:

Siegfried Schönle (Kassel), February 2024

Chess piece finds in Sandomierz and a conference volume

The Cultural Role of Chess in Medieval and Modern Times - Cover
The Cultural Role of Chess in Medieval and Modern Times - Cover

by Siegfried Schönle [You can find the original article in German here. Translation by DeepL]

Who among the chess piece collectors and chess book collectors knows right away where Sandomierz is and what was found there? Certainly very few!

I didn't know, or more precisely: I didn't know anything about this place!

Sandomierz is a place in Poland, located south-west of Lublin and about 230 kilometres south of Warsaw.

A conference of Polish and international researchers, organised and led by Ms. Agnieszka Stempin, dealt with the sensational finds from the years around 1968. The conference took place after 50 years, in 2018, under the title:
The Cultural Role of Chess in Medieval and Modern Times
50th Anniversary Jubilee of the Sandomierz Chess Discovery

This highly recommended conference volume [MUZEUM ARCHEOLOGICZNE W POZNANIU BIBLIOTHECA FONTES ARCHAEOLOGICI POSNANIENSES, Vol. 21] was edited by Ms. Agnieszka Stempin and is printed entirely in English. The lectures and essays are divided into 5 groups:

  1. Sandomierz Chess in the Context of the Medieval Chess Finds from Poland – 50 years of Mystery
  2. Archaeology of Chess – Between East and West
  3. Terminology and Image of Chess in Medieval Written Sources
  4. Around the Game
  5. Reminiscences

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bernd ellinghoven (1953 - 2023)

bernd ellinghoven
bernd ellinghoven

Our friend bernd ellinghoven passed away on November 13, 2023. Bernd was a well-known expert in problem and fairy chess. He was also editor and publisher of the magazine feenschach for over 30 years.

Thomas Brand, creator of the site Rund um die Retroanalyse, has published an obituary on his website: bernd ellinghoven

New Member: Ricardo Guerra

Our new member, Ricardo Guerra from Ponte Vedra Beach (US), is introduced in the members area (you must be logged in to read).

New Member: Ricardo Guerra