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July 2020

Robert Johnson: Adolf Anderssen - Combinative Chess Genius

Robert Johnson - Adolf Anderssen - frontcover
Robert Johnson - Adolf Anderssen - frontcover

Our member Tony Peterson would like to draw our attention to a new book about Adolf Anderssen:

Adolf Anderssen - Combinative Chess Genius.
An autobiography with 80 annotated games.

Self-published, Australia, 2020
Large heavy hardback (22 x 30cm), pictorial covers.

353pp., 36 fine large photos (3 in colour of Anderssen's grave),
comprises ten chapters with biography and 80 annotated games using contemporary annotations where possible,
appendix with Steinitz's Obituary of Anderssen, bibliography and indexes.

Printed on high quality paper with large type and diagrams. The author has "endeavoured to present the fullest, most accurate possible account of Anderssen's life in English."

[Update 2020-10-22] Although the book is sub-titled An Autobiography it is in fact a biography. Most of the information about Anderssen's early life is sourced from the Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie (1900). Its Anderssen article was written by Max Lange, a personal friend and chess colleague of Anderssen's. The book also draws from the German works of von Gottschall and Riemann, as well as nineteenth century books and magazines. [/Update]

Signed and dated by the author on the endpaper.

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