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August 2019

Swinemünde 1936

Swinemünde 1936: Left-right, standing: Michel, Lange, von Hennig, Hahn, Richter, Ernst, Koch, Wächter. Left-right, sitting: Zollner, Eliskases.
Left-right, standing: Michel, Lange, von Hennig, Hahn, Richter, Ernst, Koch, Wächter.
Left-right, sitting: Zollner, Eliskases.

A continuation of the article by Jan Kalendovský (Swinemünde 1936 | Swinemünde 1936), including additional games,

by Alan McGowan

This event, the last of a number of training tournaments prior to the Munich Olympiad was held June 14-21 in a popular Baltic Sea resort (now Świnoujście in Poland). The town had hosted a chess event every year since 1930: international tournaments in 1930 and 1932; the 1931 German Championship; a Berlin Chess Association tournament in 1933; preliminary rounds for the German Team Championship 1934 and a zonal qualifying tournament for the 1935 German championship.

The event was held in the Dresdener Hof, a hotel located at Wilhelmstrasse 9, a few steps from the Kurhaus and the sea.

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Leonard Raymond Reitstein, RIP 1928-2019

Leonard Raymond Reitstein, 2018
Leonard Raymond Reitstein, 2018

Leonard Raymond Reitstein

* 06-06-1928   † 02-08-2019

We just received sad news from Cape Town. One of our founding members, Leonard Raymond Reitstein - for many years known as "Mr Chess of South Africa" - passed away on Friday. Our sympathy is with his wife Ruth and all the family members and friends.

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NEBEA: Special Price for CH&LS members

We have some good news to share with you. The last copies of NEBEA (Nuevo Ensayo de Bibliografía Española  de Ajedrez. Autores: José A. Garzón, Josep Alió & Miquel Artigas. Valencia, 2012) are currently available for purchase at a special price.

Member of CH&LS can buy both the Deluxe and Collector's edition, with an additional discount (-5%) through online shop:

During the buying process the system will ask do you have a promo code? You must then introduce CH&LS for the discount to be automatically applied.

About NEBEA:

The New Survey of Spanish Chess Bibliography (NEBEA) is an arduous work of research in which the authors cover 8 centuries of Spain’s history and culture through Spanish books and manuscripts, most of which are widely unknown, about the game of chess. It is a completely thematic bibliography, since all the Spanish chess (XIII-XX centuries) works are investigated in it, with a complete and rigorous study of each of them, and with the incorporation of original images from all of them, something of extraordinary interest, without any comparable antecedents in the vast field of the humanities. It is, in short, a work of remarkable interest for the chess scholars.

Technical summary of the book:

  • Very important news about Scachs d´amor, and the books of Vicent (1495), Lucena (c. 1497), Damiano (1512-1564), Ruy López (1561), including biography of all of them
  • 1001 footnotes, 664 pages
  • 266 images, many never published. Numerous diagrams and photographs
  • Index, tables, and Glossary
  • Deluxe Edition and Collector´s Edition

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José A. Garzón, Josep Alió & Miquel Artigas