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September 2014

Najdorf x Najdorf

The biography of Miguel Najdorf written by his daughter Liliana, Najdorf x Najdorf (Biblioteca Nacional: Editorial Gran Blanco, Buenos Aires 1999 and 2008. 214 pp.) has been translated into Polish. Our member Tomasz Lissowski has kindly provided scans and photos.

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Preview St. Louis

The strongest tournament ever in the history of chess!

End of August our members Michael Negele and Bob van de Velde had travelled to Saint Louis to combine a visit of this year’s Sinquefield Cup (held in the CC&SC = Chess Club and Scholastic Center) with some research on Emanuel Lasker in the WCHoF = World Chess Hall of Fame, in preparation for the English three-volume edition of the Lasker monograph.

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Books by Gillam and Monté

Two eminent chess publications have been released recently, A.J. Gillam's work on Mannheim 1914 and the Interned Russians and Peter J. Monté's The Classical Era of Modern Chess.

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