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December 2012

The Quest for the Lost Incunabulum

"International Von der Lasa Award"© presented in Valencia

On 15 May 1495, Francesch Vicent’s book Libre dels jochs partitis dels scachs en nombre de 100 was printed in Valencia by Lope de la Roca and Pere Trincher. A considerable prize was offered now which will be paid to the happy finder of the possibly last existing copy of the original incunabulum.

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In Memoriam Alex Crisovan

In Memoriam
Alex Crisovan

* 02/10/1919  (Békéscsaba, Hungary) 
† 28/11/2012 (Pfäffikon, Switzerland)

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Brunswick 2012

Again a goodly group of KWA members visited this year’s November auction in Brunswick. We can offer a short abstract and a bundle of photos.

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