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November 2012

An overall pleasing Sunday morning

Last Sunday (25/11/2012) the opening of the chess exhibition in Haltern am See took place where I had been invited to by Mrs Eva Masthoff. The background story is easily told.

Our member Calle Erlandsson took part in this year’s chess train tour (Prague – Dresden – Wrocław – Spa Piešťany – Vienna – Prague) and en route took a lot of photos, most of them to view in the ChessBase contribution Urlaub im Schachzug (Vacation on the chess train; in German). The adjacent small picture shows Calle together with Manfred Mädler in Dresden. For further presentations of this event you may see Lars Grahn's blog contribution Schacktåget (in Swedish) and the pictorial report at ChessBase (in English) Chess Train Tournament a great success.

A promising alternative …

Now and then a welcome alternative arises from a cancelled appointment as it happened to me with my long planned meeting with my friend Andy Ansel at Long Island on 21/22 September. On short notice Andy had been occupationally recalled to Toronto where he stayed over the weekend.