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February 2012

Margus Sööt first junior member of the KWA

Margus Sööt with the Estonian party. On the left our Cologne chess friend Kuno Thiel (with Michael Negele's giant schnauzer).

We are pleased to welcome the first junior member of our association, Margus Sööt from the Estonian capital Tallinn.

Margus Sööt, a former basketball player of good 2 m size, deals meanwhile with all facets of chess and has also turned out as an industrious author. He is particularly partial to endgame studies and runs the study section in the Swedish problem magazine Springaren.

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Our Doyens

Apart from Yuri Averbakh to whom - as a newcomer in the group of our doyens - we recently paid a tribute, our association can enumerate four additional members who stand in the 10th decade of their lives:

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Yuri L. Averbakh turned 90!

Yuri Averbakh with Mrs. Glück (Eckberg Castle, Dresden 2008)
Yuri Averbakh with Mrs. Glück (Eckberg Castle, Dresden 2008)

Our senior member Yuri Lvovich Averbakh, born on February 8, 1922 in the Russian town of Kaluga, has recently celebrated his 90th birthday. In our former birthday greetings we have appreciated his merits and achievements in the field of chess several times (see 2010 / 2008 etc.), his obviously unbroken activity found also expression in his last interview he gave Dagobert Kohlmeyer (at ChessBase). And still last year his remarkable autobio-graphical work Centre-Stage and Behind the Scenes - The Personal Memoir of a Soviet Chess Legend was published by New In Chess. Some of our members have met him personally at the Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008 where he attended the dinner at Eckberg Castle – here once more the link to our picture gallery.

We wish the currently oldest living chess grandmaster all the best – ad multos annos!

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