Peter J. Monté (†)

The graduated historian Dr Peter J. Monté decided to join our association not before the publication of his magnificent work in 2014 - it was widely praised and made him famous among chess historians all over the world. And rightly so, as by this monumental book, which took him nearly 25 years of research he stands in the tradition of H.J.R. Murray and his A History of Chess. It mainly deals with the period when the game transformed from the slow medieval game into modern dynamic chess with its new rules and long-ranging pieces, it describes painstakingly all the manuscripts from Lucena to Greco, and considers all relevant literature on chess history written before, including that of our members Yuri Averbakh, Alessandro Sanvito and José Garzón. Definitely, this seminal work will still be an indispensable reference book for generations of future chess historians and experts dealing with that bygone era of chess.

(R.B., IX 2016)