Jimmy Adams

Mikhail Chigorin

The Creative Chess Genius

We are very pleased to hear about a further excellent biography of one of the chess greats (predominantly) of the 19th century: After 29 years our member Jimmy Adams has released a second, significantly enlarged edition of the games collection Mikhail Chigorin - The Creative Chess Genius (Caissa Editions, 1987). Compared to that first edition (of 292 pages), the second has more than additional 450 pages. Not only 100 further games have been added, also the biographical part has been largely expanded. You will find more details as well as an excerpt from the book on the site of the publisher.

In this context I would also like to mention Jimmy Adams’ article portraying "Mikhail Chigorin, the father of Russian chess", just published in New In Chess 1/2016, p.44-55. Worth reading!

  • PublisherNew In Chess, 2015
  • ISBN978-90-5691-601-5
  • Languagesenglish
  • Pages750
  • Formatspaperback