Reginald Pryce Michell

* 9 April 1873 Penzance, England
† 20 May 1938 London, England
Buried in Kingston upon Thames Cemetery, London.

Photographs and information from Paul Lonergan (England).

Paul Lonergan wrote: "[The grave] is situated in an extreme corner of Kingston upon Thames cemetery near the Dawson Road entrance. As one enters via the Dawson Road entrance, turn right and RPM's grave is against the wall. I located the grave earlier this year and tidied it up as it had some weeds and litter in it. The grave is unusual in that the headstone does not appear to have any foundation stone. The headstone reads: «Here lies Reginald Pryce Michell. Born 1873. Died 1938»." (E-mail 21/07/2012)