Friedrich Löchner (alias Erich Ellinger)

* 12 September 1915 Heilbronn-Böckingen
† 18 February 2013 Hohentengen am Hochrhein, Germany

Friedrich Löchner has made his mark as an excellent Heilbronn and Württemberg chess player, moreover as a problem composer, pedagogue, poet and author. In 2012 he still enjoyed the best of health (according to Christian Wolbert, chairman of the Heilbronn chess club). Last February, at the age of 97 he died of a heart attack in the town of Hohentengen am Hochrhein.
The below reproduced urn grave already held the ashes of his wife Anita and his mother Wilhelmine, now he has found his final resting place here as well. His ashes were buried on March 1st, 2013.
(According to Dr Ulrich Löchner, son of the deceased.)

An article by Uwe Jacobi about the grave was published in the Heilbronner Stimme on 14/02/2004: Rätselhafter Grabstein mit 'Matt in drei Zügen'.

You will find more biographical details of Friedrich Löchner on Some of Friedrich Löchner’s chess problems are presented on the website of the Heilbronn Chess Club

Three obituaries from the Heilbronner Stimme: / /
as well as a commemorative article (PDF) from the same newspaper.

Photograph received from Karlheinz Eisenbeiser (Buchen).

The family grave is situated at the cemetery of Heilbronn-Böckingen, it shows a three-mover composed by Friedrich Löchner with the position Kc2 Qa7 Bg3 Pf2 – Kd4 Pc5 (3#).
1. f3 Kc4 2. Qa4+ Kd5 3. Qe4#
with a dual (2. Qb7 Kd4 3. Qe4#) as an "allegory for human fallibility" (see the above linked article).
1... Kd5 2. Qa6 c4/Kd4 3. Qd6/Qd3#
1... Ke3 2. Qa3+ 3. Qd3#
Miniature with Y-flight of the black King.