Jan Kalendovský

Královna Šachu Věra Menčíková

Recently a biography of Vera Menchik-Stevenson has been published, written by our member Jan Kalendovský. Michael Negele has provided a short presentation with some excerpts from the book:

A couple of weeks ago I received a parcel from Prague which contained a nice surprise:
My long-term chess friend Jan Kalendovský from Brno in the Czech Republic had sent his most recent publication.

His book is dealing with the life-story and chess career of the former Czech, then British Ladies World Chess Champion Vera Menchik-Stevenson. The title is Královna Šachu Věra Menčíková - easy to understand: Chess Queen Vera Menchik / Schachkönigin Vera Menchik.

Even if I am not able to read Czech, I like to share some impressions when delving into this wonderful book.

After browsing through the nicely produced hardcover edition of 150 pages and 20.5x26.5 cm size, I was amazed by the high quality of the overall production: An attractive layout is presented on good paper quality and especially includes an unexpectedly huge amount of illustrations never seen before.

Congratulations to the author, a translation into English would be highly appreciated.
More details on the distribution by the JAKURA publishing house can for sure be received from the author.

Michael Negele

Front cover
  • PublisherJakura, 2016
  • ISBN978-80-905725-9-1
  • Languagesczech
  • Pages152
  • Formatshardback
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