das kulturelle Schachmagazin

The award just given the German magazine KARL by the DSB (German Chess Federation), the Deutsche Schachpreis 2014, was certainly a pleasing surprise: www.schachbund.de/news/der-deutsche-schachpreis-2014.html.

Contents of issue 2/2014 (PDF)

At the beginning only a chess club magazine, things changed basically when from issue 2/2001 KARL – das kulturelle Schachmagazin was available throughout Germany. So it is a still very young magazine and at the same time the first chess magazine to receive this award. Its presentation by a DSB official will take place at the Weimar meeting in November.

Over the years quite a lot of our members have contributed to this quarterly, I can mention only few by name here. Former KWA member Johannes Fischer was co-editor for some years and still contributes to each issue. For already many years Michael Ehn, together with Ernst Strouhal, is running an interesting chess historical column, but unquestionably the most diligent writer among our members was and still is Michael Negele, nearly in each issue you will find a comprehensive article by him: still for the last issue 1/2014 (dealing mainly with problem chess) he wrote – together with Tomasz Lissowski – about Dawid Przepiórka, and for the current issue (focus on "motivation") he has prepared an article on Henry E. Bird.

We still link an interview with KARL editor Harry Schaack by Thomas Binder, published in Glarean Magazin (in German): glareanverlag.wordpress.com/2011/08/16/schach-zeitschrift-karl-jubilaeum-schaack_interview_glarean-magazin/

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