Jan Kalendovský

Our member Jan Kalendovský has allied himself with another Czech chess historian to fill a long existing gap with this book on the first International Prague Chess Tournament 1908, published exactly 100 years after the event. (Before there was only a Czech book by Kautsky from 1909.) The nicely illustrated work contains 223 (annotated) games, reports of the 19 rounds and a lot of historical material, thus providing an adequate appreciation of that classic tournament where Schlechter and Duras shared first prize, followed by Vidmar and Rubinstein. The reviewers highly recommend the book and praise it with regard to the contents and the high-quality get-up.

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Page of the publisher (in Czech) Prague 1908 at Wikipedia English reviews by Prof. Nagesh Havanur at Chessville and by John Elburg. Czech reviews by Karel Mokry, Karol Rückschloss, Ivan Hausner and Břetislav Modr.