Chess History & Literature Society

(founded as Ken Whyld Foundation and Association)


(also for official correspondence)

Drs. Robert van de Velde
Chet Bakerstraat 23
NL-1066 GK Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Board Members:

Drs. Robert van de Velde
Chairman, charged with overall coordination
and Public Relations, including CSQ

John Donaldson
Deputy Chairman, North American members
and outreach to Cleveland, Saint Louis and Mechanics Institute

Dr. Karl Klittich
German members,
outreach to Kiel and Kórnik library



Wilfried Krebbers
(not a member of the board)

Further information on our page Organization.

Bank Account
of the Chess History & Literature Society:

ING Bank Amsterdam

IBAN: NL05 INGB 0006 5015 49