Fabrizio Zavatarelli

Ignaz Kolisch

The Life and Chess Career

Each year a lot of new chess books congest the market, and particularly before Christmas the number of new publications seems to multiply. Today I would like to point to two chess books only: Our member Fabrizio Zavatarelli has published his long-awaited work on Ignaz Kolisch, and some time earlier this year a book on the Chess Olympiad Buenos Aires 1939 has been released.

McFarland & Comp., Inc.,
Jefferson NC, 2015

376pp., library binding

324 games, 174 diagrams, 63 illustrations, appendices, notes, bibliography, indexes

Price: US$ 75.00 (or EUR 73.00 respectively)

- see the announcement by McFarland

A (tentative) high praise has been given by Edward Winter in his C.N. 9623.

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