Friedrich-Karl Hebeker

Ludwig Engels - a born Düsseldorfer - was one of the strongest German chess masters in the 1930s and a player of nearly grandmaster strength. Definitely he was the most famous member of the Düsseldorf Chess Club 1854, and now another Düsseldorfer - our member Friedrich-Karl Hebeker - has set him a literary monument by this biography. You may consider this book as the adequate answer to Lothar Nikolaiczuk’s satirical chapter "König Ludwig - ruhmbekleckert" (in his book "Der ELO-Schädling", 2013) where the author presents the good chess reputation of "King Ludwig" as undeserved and considers him a chess weakling. (The real name of King Ludwig is not revealed there, but it is clear who is meant.) Well, the readers will form their own opinion about that ...

(R.B., IX 2016)

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