José Antonio Garzón

"Our man in Valencia" succeeded with a remarkable chess historical coup as José A. Garzón was able to trace the apparently lost incunabulum of Francesch Vicent in an Italian manuscript - his Libre dels jochs partitis dels scachs en nombre de 100 was published more than 500 years ago (1495) just in Valencia. José’s latest work on the birth and the expansion of modern chess is connected with this and further find(s) and moreover it was published in a marvellously equipped and illustrated edition. Surely many a person will already impatiently wait for the English version of the first Spanish edition ...


Cover English edition
Cover English edition

Additional publications:

  • En pos del incunable perdido. Francesch Vicent: Llibre dels jochs partitis dels schachs, Valencia, 1495 (Valencia, 2001)
  • Estudio del tratado ajedrecístico de Luca Pacioli (Valencia, 2007) >> Picture
  • (Co-author:) Govert Westerveld, La reina Isabel la Católica: su reflejo en la dama poderosa de Valencia, cuna del ajedrez moderno y orígen del juego de damas (Valencia, 2004)
  • Together with Josep Alió and Miquel Artigas:
    (NEBEA, New Essays on Spanish Chess Bibliography)
    ROMEDITORS, Valencia 2012.
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  • El Ajedrez del Virrey - Virrey Chess, Alenar Editors, Valencia 2014

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