Sergey Voronkov

Fedor Bohatirchuk

A 3-volume work on Fedor Bohatirchuk by Sergey Voronkov is in preparation – volume I and II have already gone to press and will be on sale in about a month. These first volumes deal with Bohatirchuk’s chess career. The third volume which will be published in several months is devoted to politics and the scientific achievements of Dr Bohatirchuk. Our member Yakov Zusmanovich (California, USA) has contributed to the book, and Averbakh as well as Kortchnoi have annotated some games. More details on the books will follow later on.

Cover images (provided by Yakov Zusmanovich):

PS (30/05/2013): Yakov Zusmanovich has informed us that the two volumes (1911-1935 and 1936-1984) are now on sale. The price for both volumes (altogether more than 900 pages) is $30, plus 3-4% PayPal fee and postage from Russia.

Please e-mail your order to Yakov Zusmanovich , he will forward it immediately to Sergey Voronkov (Russia). And please don’t forget to give your postal address where the books should be mailed.
Within 1-2 days after your order Yakow will inform you about the total amount to pay. At the moment he tries to find the exact mail charges to different countries (Europe, USA, Canada).

We ask you to settle the payment by using PayPal and Yakov Zusmanovich’s e-mail address given above.  An order from the publisher is possible as well but would be more expensive due to considerable bank fees.