Peter de Jong

The jubilee book on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Chess Club Utrecht was officially authored by Robert Beekman, but our member Peter de Jong has considerably contributed to this fine commemorative publication as he told himself in his mail from August 2011 – where you will also find some more details about the work. (A usual title page is missing and there is also no imprint but an intro page with photos of the two authors.) The seemingly strange title "Qui perd gagne!" (today this is the French term for "Losing Chess") was explained by Peter de Jong in his mail afterwards, he refers to the written record by Olland you will find in the book (p.17). However it remains open if that "Qui perd gagne" played in Utrecht was really an early version of Losing Chess or (more likely) the kind of "Selfmate Chess" played in France in 19th century correspondence games (Paris – Marseille 1878) – at least the date (the 1880s in Utrecht) is very near.

The get-up of the book is neat and solid (hardcover, glossy paper, thread-stitching), and it contains an immense number of historically interesting photos. Some excerpts from the book in this PDF file.

(R.B., IV 2013)

Further publications:

  • Emanuel Lasker, eds. Richard Forster, Stefan Hansen, Michael Negele (Exzelsior Verlag Berlin, 2009), chapter 5: Laskers Beziehung zu den Niederlanden, pp. 101-128.
  • In 2013 Peter de Jong published two attractive books for chess historians: 600 Schaakgezichten [600 Chess Faces] and 325 Schaaktoernooien [325 Chess Tournaments], both privately printed and in a small edition only. They exclusively contain images of chess players and chess tournaments respectively, collected over the years from many different sources.
    Peter has provided images of the covers as well as excerpts from the books (all as PDFs):
    600 Schaakgezichtencover
    325 Schaaktoernooiencover / excerpt
  • ... and in 2015 a trilogy on Max Euwe and Dutch chess history:
    Max Euwe - Verhalen en Partijen
    Deel 1 - Nederlandse Schaakhistorie
    Deel 2A - Partijen 1911-1940
    Deel 2B - Partijen 1941-1981 - see our announcement.