Das Schachturnier London 1851

by Mario Ziegler

1st edition, 2013
Publisher: ChessCoach
Hardcover, 555 pp.
ISBN-13: 978-3944158006
Weight: 1.12 kg

London 1851, the first international chess tournament of the modern era, is a cornerstone in the history of chess. Held in a knockout system with mini matches, it assembled the 16 leading European players of that time with the aim to determine the best. It is the merit of our Saarland member to have managed a comprehensive and modern reappraisal of this eminent chess event. The core of the book is formed by all the games, newly revised by the author and thoroughly analyzed with the help of modern chess engines. Contemporary annotations have been included where it made sense, this way integrating the viewpoints of the old masters. Naturally all information is given on how the event was prepared and became reality, as well as all participants are introduced in separate chapters...

More information (in German / PDF files):

Review by Harry Schaack in KARL 2/2013, p.64: www.karlonline.org/213_3.htm

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