Yuri Averbakh (†)

"Chess on stage and behind the scenes" appeared recently in Moscow 2003 in a marvellous colourful hardcover binding in the series "The Art of Chess" (Publishing House Ripol, www.ripol.ru) - with the subheading "Revelations of a Chess Player, of a Politician and of an Historian" – very promising, dear Grandmaster Yuri Averbakh.


PS: We have to mention here the English edition of the above work, published last year (2011) by New In Chess: Centre-Stage and Behind the Scenes - The Personal Memoir of a Soviet Chess Legend (Paperback, 272 pp.) – an autobiography with many interesting insights into a bygone Soviet chess era. -

More information at New In Chess, or read Hans Ree’s review "Hard Times" in NIC 2011/6, p.94-97 and GM Stuart Conquest's essay on Yuri Averbakh's Centre-Stage and Behind the Scenes (Part 1 of 2 / Part 2 of 2) at ChessVibes. (R.B., 10/08/2012)

From Averbakh's large literary output we still mention his latest work only: A History of Chess. From Chaturanga to the Present Day (Russell Enterprises, 2012) - see our Announcement.

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