Per Skjoldager, Jørn Erik Nielsen

Aron Nimzowitsch

On the Road to Chess Mastery, 1886-1924

A "big hit" of our two Danish members is this exemplarily researched Nimzowitsch biography which was voted 2012 Book of the Year against strong international competition. But this is "only" the first part of an intended two-volume work – we hope that the authors take heart and energy from the success of the first volume to tackle and complete the successor volume as well. We are full of expectation!

More about the book in our Announcements.

(R.B., IV 2013)




  • PublisherMcFarland, 2012
  • ISBN978-0-7864-6539-2
  • Languagesenglish
  • Pages456
  • Formatshardback
  • Miscellaneous88 photos, 10 maps, appendices, notes, bibliography, indexes

The (according to Edward Winter) "supremely well researched" book covers the early years of Nimzowitsch from 1886 to 1924, including the dark period of World War I and the post war years, formerly neglected in other biographies. Partly a biography and partly a game collection (with nearly 450 games), it is the first volume of a planned work in two volumes, naturally the second is still in a distant future… Anyway, the book has already received high praise from the reviewers, and we have no choice but to recommend it warmly to you.

More details at New In Chess, or read the reviews by John Elburg (in a quite mangled English) and by John D. Warth at ChessCafe: A Beautiful Legacy.

KWA members can buy the book at for a discounted price of 40 Euros.

PS (25/01/2013):
The book has been voted the 2012 Book of the Year, see Congratulations to the authors!

PPS (12/04/2013):
Included in our Members' Publications.