Conclusion by M. Negele

In the last 10 months, Michael Negele has invested a lot of work to write a series of chess historical articles to be published on the DSB website. Now he has drawn a conclusion 'Materialien zur kulturellen Bedeutung des Schachspiels' - ein Fazit, and you are asked to participate in a poll, here are the corresponding questions in English:

1) Should we go on with the column?

  • Very worth reading, please continue in any case
  • I read that only occasionally, I don’t care if it will be continued
  • Doesn’t interest me, the column could be cancelled

2) How much are you interested in chess history?

  • I am interested in all chess historical contributions
  • I am only interested in contributions dealing with the more recent chess history
  • I am not interested in chess historical contributions

New board appointed

Meanwhile the nomination of our new board − represented by Drs. Bob van de Velde, John Donaldson, Michael Clapham and Dr. Karl Klittich − has unanimously been confirmed by the Council of Representatives. According to our statutes, this formal act was indispensable to legalize the appointment of the board members.  
We wish them all the best for fulfilling their tasks, may they have the right hands for their decisions!

PS (11-07-2016): The items of the last Klittich-Pfankuch chess auction (part of the 70th auction in June 2016) have been included with descriptions, prices and images in our BoC database (for members only, password required)!

Paul Lipke article by MN

Few news

A new article by Michael Negele has just been released on the DSB site: Paul Lipke - Ein mitteldeutscher Schachgigant der „goldenen“ Dekade

Photo: Paul Lipke (from DSZ 1900, frontispiece)

Due to the personnel changes in our Board etc., the pages Organization and Imprint have been updated.
Moreover our page Statutes includes now the first version of the KWF&A statutes from January 2013 (previously only in the member section). An update to the current status is in preparation, we will keep you informed.
PS (25-07-2016): Statutes (first version) corrected.

Braunschweig VI 2016

In conclusion a short maiden speech of our new chairman, Bob outlined the most important issues for the KWA’s future.

Via Göttingen to Braunschweig

I practically felt obliged to attend this year’s annual KWA meeting in Braunschweig on the eve of the Klittich-Pfankuch auction, as on the one hand  after the retirement of our long-time chairman Guy Van Habberney − the course had to be newly set for the future of our association; on the other hand chess friend Godehard Murkisch had invited me to come already two days earlier to Göttingen which I had willingly accepted, all the more as it would be my first visit to the famous university town in Lower Saxony.

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ExpoChess 2016

Ajedrez bailarin rojo (Red Dancer) © Elke Rehder
Ajedrez bailarin rojo (Red Dancer) © Elke Rehder

What do others do for the popularization of chess?

Elke Rehder, a visual artist with a focus on the subject chess, has dealt as an author with different chess historical questions. Presently she is providing some information about the international event ExpoChess, this year’s festival will take place from 11th to 30th of July in the Basque capital Vitoria-Gasteiz.

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CCI Meeting Altenburg

The German Chess Collectors’ Meeting will take place in Altenburg (Thuringia) in next November.
All details are available on our page Events.

PS (11-06-2016): This month Michael Negele presents a guest author on the DSB site - Thomas Niessen, our member from Aix-la-Chapelle has written about W.M. Popert - ein "verschollener" Begründer hanseatischer Schachtradition.

Kasparov in Mönchengladbach

Book-signing with Garry Kasparov

On 2nd of June, Garry Kasparov was in Mönchengladbach - the event had been announced on the German ChessBase pages. We give a short note with some photographs by Michael Negele.

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In Memoriam Billy Levene

Dr. Benjamin (Billy) Levene

* 16 February 1918    † 4 November 2015

Our eldest member, Dr. Benjamin (Billy) Levene passed away at the age of 97 already in last November, as we learned only a few days ago.

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ELG Lasker meeting V 2016

DSB webmaster Frank Hoppe has published a report on the last Lasker meeting in Berlin on 20th of May, when Michael Negele gave a lecture (status report) on the new Lasker monograph:
Lasker-Monografie bekommt gleich drei Nachfolger
You will find there (and also in our member section) the corresponding Powerpoint slides (as PDF).

Photo: Emanuel Lasker (Nottingham 1936)

Caissa 1/2016

Good things come to those who wait!

The first issue of the new periodical Caissa - Journal of Chess and Board Game History has just been released. More details in our column New Chess Literature.

PS (10-05-2016): Again we can announce a new article by Michael Negele - this time on Bernhard (actually Benjamin) Horwirtz: Ein Mecklenburger Jude schuf die Grundlage der modernen Endspieltheorie.