A long awaited (announced end of 2013) and pre-eminent publication for problem friends has just been released by bernd ellinghoven (Aix-la-Chapelle): it’s the reprint of Grasemann’s "Reverend", commented and extended with most interesting contributions by Hans Peter Rehm and Stephan Eisert. You may choose between three different versions of the book:

- The German paperback edition:

HERBERT GRASEMANN: Eines Reverends Einfall, der Geschichte machte
- Das neudeutsche Schachproblem - Ursprung, Grundlagen, Grundbegriffe
neu herausgegeben und erweitert mit einem Aufsatz und einer Auswahl neuerer Probleme durch Hans Peter Rehm und Stephan Eisert

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The English paperback edition:

HERBERT GRASEMANN: A Cleric’s Idea, which made History
- The new-German chess problem - Origin, basic Principles and Concepts
A new, extended edition with an essay and a selection of more recent problems, by Hans Peter Rehm and Stephan Eisert


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Editions FEE=NIX paperback VIII & IX, stitch binding, 200 pages each,
price: 25 € each, special price for Schwalbe subscribers: 15 € + postage


The combined bilingual (German/English) hardback edition:


FEE=NIX-12, bound in cloth (black), gold foil stamping, stitch binding, XX + 400 pages,
ISBN 978-3-9812128-8-4
price: 50 €, special price for Schwalbe subscribers 30 € + postage

Schwalbe members should order from Ralf Krätschmer (Schwalbe-Bücherwart) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; non-Schwalbe members are asked to order from bernd ellinghoven This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; see also http://dieschwalbe.de/download/reverend_e.pdf

A limited and numbered luxury leather edition of 32 copies (probably 96 €) is planned, in case of interest please address yourself to bernd ellinghoven.

Substantially the books contain three parts each:

- The reprint of Grasemann’s "Reverend"; its first edition was a small booklet of 56 pages, self-published by Grasemann in 1982 and meanwhile out of print for a long time. Despite its outer smallness it was a very important publication and surprisingly rich in content, dealing with the modern conception of the theory of the logical (new-German) problem and its evolution from the very beginning in the 19th century. As the book is also available in English now, non-German speaking readers will be able to study for the first time in detail the thinking and the ideas of the new-German problem school.

- The essay "Pläne, Spiele, Züge" [Plans, Lines of Play and Moves] by Stephan Eisert and Hans Peter Rehm, reprinted from Die Schwalbe 48, XII/1977, p. 137-151 and slightly revised by the authors, informs us "about some newer developments in the logical school".

- "A Florilegium. A choice selection of logical chess problems. Selected and with comments by Hans Peter Rehm and Stephan Eisert" gives 82 more recent problems with elaborate and sophisticated comments. 

Moreover the books contain forewords by Schwalbe chairman Hans Gruber and by Hans Peter Rehm, a two-page biography of Herbert Grasemann, also written by HPR, a bibliography, a German/English glossary of technical terms, an index of names and of the most important terms & themes, as well as a number of photos of problem composers who played an outstanding role in the history of the new-German (logical) school.

The brilliant style of the three authors Grasemann, Eisert and Rehm, in combination with all the excellent problems make for a great reading pleasure. I can only recommend this book warmly to all people interested in chess problems.



The award just given the German magazine KARL by the DSB (German Chess Federation), the Deutsche Schachpreis 2014, was certainly a pleasing surprise: www.schachbund.de/news/der-deutsche-schachpreis-2014.html.

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Contents of issue 2/2014 (PDF)

At the beginning only a chess club magazine, things changed basically when from issue 2/2001 KARL – das kulturelle Schachmagazin was available throughout Germany. So it is a still very young magazine and at the same time the first chess magazine to receive this award. Its presentation by a DSB official will take place at the Weimar meeting in November.

Over the years quite a lot of our members have contributed to this quarterly, I can mention only few by name here. Former KWA member Johannes Fischer was co-editor for some years and still contributes to each issue. For already many years Michael Ehn, together with Ernst Strouhal, is running an interesting chess historical column, but unquestionably the most diligent writer among our members was and still is Michael Negele, nearly in each issue you will find a comprehensive article by him: still for the last issue 1/2014 (dealing mainly with problem chess) he wrote – together with Tomasz Lissowski – about Dawid Przepiórka, and for the current issue (focus on "motivation") he has prepared an article on Henry E. Bird. 

We still link an interview with KARL editor Harry Schaack by Thomas Binder, published in Glarean Magazin (in German): glareanverlag.wordpress.com/2011/08/16/schach-zeitschrift-karl-jubilaeum-schaack_interview_glarean-magazin/


The recently published book Schicksalsmomente der Schachgeschichte. Dramatische Entscheidungen und historische Wendepunkte by Michael Ehn & Hugo Kastner is a delightful work which we can wholeheartedly recommend to all German speaking readers.



Published by humboldt, Hannover 2014

paperback, 272 pp.
ISBN 978-3-86910-206-1 (Print)
-  also available as e-book

Prize: 19.99 € (D)

Cover verso (scan / jpg file) 


The attractive book – it contains many rare (black-and-white) illustrations and historical photographs – presents selected highlights and turning points of chess history – separated in altogether 32 chapters and in chronological order, so you may start reading where you like it. My impression is that of a fascinating and well researched storybook (the authors always give the sources at the ends of the chapters), certainly a very entertaining read not only for historically interested chess friends. On www.humboldt.de you can receive an impression by the linked excerpt from the book (incl. TOC) - see Leseprobe (PDF), and you will even find there a video comment (in German).



2 x Michael – Michael Negele and Michael Ehn (Vienna, in June 2014)



Over the last years, Gerhard Josten (Cologne) has turned out to be a most industrious author - for all his works see his page www.gerhardjosten.de/index.php/schriftstellerei-writings/my-chess-books. Now he has written two promising books, here is the corresponding information (PDF) provided by him. Auf der Seidenstraße zur Quelle des Schachs [On the Silk Road to the origin of chess] can already be ordered from the publisher Diplomica Verlag (see www.diplomica-verlag.de/kunst-kultur_6/...) or from amazon.de. The book on Wolfgang Unzicker (publisher: ChessCoach) will be available soon, a book presentation is scheduled to take place on Friday, 27-06-2014, at 6 – 7 pm in Munic: Spiellokal des SK Tarrasch-1945 München, Alten- und Service-Zentrum (ASZ) Untergiesing, Kolumbusstr. 33 (am Kolumbusplatz); U1/U2 Haltestelle Kolumbusplatz - www.tarrasch-muenchen.de/...



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