April 2017: Two more publications by Tony Gillam have appeared. The first is another booklet (number 111 already) in the series Rare and Unpublished Chess Tournaments and Matches. It covers tournaments held during 2016 in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Budapest, Utrecht and Vienna. The second is a collection of games, many with notes, of Paul Felix Schmidt, including a career record and brief biography. Schmidt was one of the world’s strongest players in the early 1940s. Please note that this is not the book originally intended. Another book on Schmidt will be published soon by Michael Negele.

More details on the two books by Tony can be found in the Members’ Publications section, Page 3 under Tony Gillam.


Our German member from Forchheim, Rudolf Glenk has again released a small book in a beautiful bibliophilic get-up: Kachelofenprobleme [Tiled Stove Problems] - 2nd revised and corrected edition.
Below the title page.


Private publication, Forchheim 2016
Hardcover, color print, 32 pages.
Attractively illustrated with photos and diagrams.
15 x 21 cm,
limited edition of 28 copies only.


The 1st edition (a paperback booklet / offprint comprising Turmtore ... and Kachelofenprobleme) dates from 2002.



There are only few copies left as the author has already given most of the copies to chess friends. Those who are interested in a copy should hurry to address Rudolf Glenk, glenk-kwass[at]t-online.de.



Recently a biography of Vera Menchik-Stevenson has been published, written by our member Jan Kalendovský. Michael Negele has provided a short presentation with some excerpts from the book: 

A couple of weeks ago I received a parcel from Prague which contained a nice surprise: 
My long-term chess friend Jan Kalendovský from Brno in the Czech Republic had sent his most recent publication.

His book is dealing with the life-story and chess career of the former Czech, then British Ladies World Chess Champion Vera Menchik-Stevenson. The title is Královna Šachu Věra Menčíková - easy to understand: Chess Queen Vera Menchik / Schachkönigin Vera Menchik.


Front cover
back cover


Even if I am not able to read Czech, I like to share some impressions when delving into this wonderful book.

After browsing through the nicely produced hardcover edition of 150 pages and 20.5x26.5 cm size, I was amazed by the high quality of the overall production: An attractive layout is presented on good paper quality and especially includes an unexpectedly huge amount of illustrations never seen before. 

Congratulations to the author, a translation into English would be highly appreciated.
More details on the distribution by the JAKURA publishing house can for sure be received from the author. 

Some excerpts from the book:

About the author
 Excerpt 1
Excerpt 2
Excerpt 3
Excerpt 4
Excerpt 5
Excerpt 6
 Excerpt 7
Excerpt 8


Michael Negele



Our member Martin Ramsauer (Marbach, Germany) would like to point to a new publication from his publishing house: a facsimile of the Südwestdeutsche Schach-Zeitung, 1887-1890 (2nd to 5th volume). You will find all details in this pdf file (4 MB).

A new chess biography has just been released by the publishing house Chaturanga, written by our member Prof. Friedrich-Karl Hebeker on the former German chess master Ludwig Engels who stayed in South America after the Chess Olympiad Buenos Aires 1939 and moved to Brazil in 1941. 




Paperback, 415 pp.,
contains 35 annotated games as well as
many photos and illustrations.

Some information on the book in this
pdf file (0.7 MB)

as well as an excerpt from the book
(pdf, 1.1 MB). 

The book can be ordered from the publisher, the price is 24.95 € (only in Germany without postage). 


On this occasion we remind you of the author’s report from 2011:
With Lourenço Cordioli at Ludwig Engel’s grave in São Paulo
- in English and German  © Friedrich-Karl Hebeker, Düsseldorf




Good things come to those who wait!

The first issue of the new periodical Caissa - Journal of Chess and Board Game History has just been released:

Dr. Mario Ziegler
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Edited by Ass.-Prof. Dr. Rainer Buland MAS and Dr. Mario Ziegler

Paperback, 90 pages A4,
triple columned,
color print on glossy paper

Frequency: biannual

single issue 14.90 € + postage
subscription 12.90 € per issue, free of shipping costs

Articles are in German or English, each with a synopsis in the other language. The main contributions to the current issue are listed on caissa-journal.de/blog/2015/10/caissa-erstausgabe/, the largest article has been provided by our member Siegfried Schönle. The beautiful layout is captivating, and I can only recommend this professionally made magazine to all who are interested in the history of chess.









The book by Dušan Drajić and Dragan Stojnić combines the 5 previous volumes of the Yugoslavian bibliography, including the work on problems by Dragan Stojnić, as well as some additions and corrections. This time only in English, it has 316 pages, printed by computer. (The same book in Serbian - 349 pp. - will be published as well.)


The book will be available for KWA members only (and not be for sale elsewhere), and there is a deadline of 3 weeks for ordering, i.e. until the weekend 23/24 April. So you should seize the chance to acquire this work. Simply write an email to Dušan Drajić -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and don’t forget to give your postal address!

The price of the book including postage will be 17 EUR for shipping within Europe (as the weight will be above 500 g, the major part of the total is due to the postage). You can pay after delivery by bank transfer to our KWA account, as customary please see our imprint page for the bank details.






We are very pleased to hear about a further excellent biography of one of the chess greats (predominantly) of the 19th century: After 29 years our member Jimmy Adams has released a second, significantly enlarged edition of the games collection Mikhail Chigorin - The Creative Chess Genius (Caissa Editions, 1987). Compared to that first edition (of 292 pages), the second has more than additional 450 pages. Not only 100 further games have been added, also the biographical part has been largely expanded. You will find more details as well as an excerpt from the book on the site of the publisher.

New In Chess, 2016

Bound edition of 750 pages
ISBN: 978-90-5691-601-5
Price: 44.95 €

In this context I would also like to mention Jimmy Adams’ article portraying "Mikhail Chigorin, the father of Russian chess", just published in New In Chess 1/2016, p.44-55. Worth reading!



Each year a lot of new chess books congest the market, and particularly before Christmas the number of new publications seems to multiply. Today I would like to point to two chess books only: Our member Fabrizio Zavatarelli has published his long-awaited work on Ignaz Kolisch, and some time earlier this year a book on the Chess Olympiad Buenos Aires 1939 has been released.



McFarland & Comp., Inc.,
Jefferson NC, 2015

376pp., library binding

324 games, 174 diagrams,
63 illustrations,
appendices, notes, bibliography, indexes

Price: US$ 75.00 (or EUR 73.00 respectively)

- see the announcement by McFarland

A (tentative) high praise has been given by Edward Winter in his C.N. 9623.





Justin Corfield:

Pawns in a Greater Game.
The Buenos Aires Chess Olympiad, August  September 1939

Corfield and Company, March 2015

398 pp.

Price: EUR 58.40

For a review of the book by Roland Brockman see www.amazon.de/..., he mentions a few drawbacks (the author is obviously no chess expert), but a lot of very positive features. Especially for chess historians it is expected to be a fascinating read. 




Alessandro Sanvito has released a new edition of his Bibliografia italiana degli scacchi.
The last edition from 1999 listed 1420 bibliographical items, with more than 3000 items the new edition has been significantly expanded. All details on the site of the publisher Le Due Torri.




Le Due Torri, Bologna 2015

360 pp., ISBN 9788896076569

Special prize: 29.75 €










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