Carlo Alberto Pagni (†)



Prof. Pagni, retired but restless brain surgeon from Turin now living in Milan, is very concerned about the history of correspondence chess, many of his publications show that. The inclusion of his three small works from 1994-1997 in "Scacchi senza Quartiere", published in 2004 by the active company "Caissa Italia editore" seems particularly pleasing to me. In the meantime our friend Romano Bellucci has published a supplement as volume 4 of the "Correspondence Chess Matches between Clubs 1823-1899" (Scacchi e Science Applicate 2006).



Stellan Persson

With this historical encyclopaedia our Danish member and operator of the Skakhuset has published his lifework about "a Golden Era": On 480 pages he reports about the chess life in South Sweden and Copenhagen, spanning a period of 87 years (1922-2009). A total of 434 games is included in this work which the author has presented in more details on 3 pages (in German).
(R.B., IV 2012)




 Toni Preziuso


The last issue of the SSM
(No. 6, June 1995)


Our Swiss chess friend Toni Preziuso did some chess journalistic work for several years, at first (from January 1992 to June 1995) as the chief editor of the Schweizer Schach-Magazin, the organ of the SASB (Schweizerischer Arbeiter-Schachbund, Swiss Workers Chess Association). Owing to the merging of the SASB and the SSV (Schweizerischer Schachverband, Swiss Chess Association) the two associations’ organs united to the new SSZ, the Schweizerische Schachzeitung – and here Toni still carried on working as a chief editor (together with Markus Angst) till about halfway through 1997. Particularly his games analyses were highly appreciated, due to their intelligibility they were of benefit to weaker players as well. (R.B.)

Further publications:

Emanuel Lasker, eds. Richard Forster, Stefan Hansen, Michael Negele (Exzelsior Verlag Berlin, 2009), chapter 7: Aus der Schreibmaschine des Schachweltmeisters, pp. 167-188


Martin Ramsauer

Really wonderful books are created by our member Martin Ramsauer for it belongs to his profession as a book conservator to derive pleasure from it. After his first work "Weihnachtsbäume im Schachproblem" (2003) there is now (2007) a new item from his workshop, bound in cloth and with an attractive "additional design" on the front: Bogoljubow's chess column of the "Badische Illustrierte Zeitung" 1946-51 has been reprinted in a limited edition (of 50 copies), with that a widely unknown chess column from the postwar years run incognito for a long time is available again. The content is rather unexpected as "Bogol" turns out first and foremost to be a problem columnist and moreover an occasional composer as well. (R.B.)

Information on the book by Martin Ramsauer (PDF).



Jan van Reek (†)


This lovingly equipped volume incorporates 3 works of the author in German translation: "Miniaturen / Schachfiguren in der Endspielstudie / Die ultramoderne Endspielstudie" (Miniatures / Chessmen in the Endgame Study / The Ultra Modern Endgame Study); including a foreword by Harrie Grondijs (Koblenz 1993; 238 pp.). Jan van Reek has written and published numerous books on endgame studies, you will get to know more about him by visiting his homepage. (R.B.)





Rudolf Reinhardt (†)

Published in an excellent get-up, this book by the Nimzowitsch researcher Rudolf Reinhardt documents the late work of Aron Nimzowitsch and so fills a long lasting gap in the chess historical literature. Unfortunately the author was not lucky enough to experience his legacy to the chess world; after decades of meticulous research and preparation he couldn't completely finish his manuscript any more. We largely owe it to the publisher Arno Nickel that this work - considered as a sequel to "My System" - was published after all in 2010.
(R.B., III 2012)

Edition Marco, Berlin
hardcover, 408 p.


Reading (PDF, 3.3 MB)

In memoriam Rudolf Reinhardt.

                    Text verso



Leonard R. Reitstein

  Text verso

Author's edition,
Cape Town, 2003
216 pp., paperback
ISBN 0-620-298929-4


Who else than Leonard Reitstein, for many years South Africa’s "Mr. Chess" would be competent to produce a chess chronicle of the most important African chess country? The large-format book is lovingly equipped with numerous photos, illustrations and diagrams and all fields of South African chess life from the beginnings to the outbreak of WW II are considered. We can only hope that a successor will be found who will document the younger chess history of this country just as comprehensively and entertainingly as it was done in this volume on the early history. (R.B.)

Further publications:

Test Your Chess! 240 positions from South African games to test your skill (Kenilworth, Cape Town 1991) - Cover and text verso

Test your chess – 2. 240 more positions from South African games to test your skill (Cape Town 2005. 84 pp.) - Cover and text verso

A List of Chess Books Published in South Africa
Self published, Wynberg (Republic of South Africa), 2008 -  Cover



Antonio Rosino


Together with the well-known chess historian Adriano Chicco, Antonio Rosino devoted himself to the Italian chess history from its beginnings to the present time, the extensive result Storia degli scacchi in Italia counting 639 pages was offered to the chess public in 1990. Numerous plates as well as chapters on correspondence chess and problem chess (by Oscar Bonivento) and a selection of games enrich this valuable treatise. (R.B.)






Eric Ruch


   Text verso


EDITIONS feenschach - phénix
chess FEE=NIX history II.f - 2010
printed by -be- à aix-la-chapelle

Paperback / Thread-stitching
320+XVI pages
Edition of 500 Copies

Eric Ruch presents here the first volume of a comprehensive history of correspondence chess and follows with that an old suggestion of Eduard Dyckhoff ["Who will write us the history of correspondence chess?"]. The more than 70 included games reproduced from the period 1804 to 1840 (few played till 1843) are predominantly provided with contemporary comments as well as numerous diagrams. A 16-page appendix with black and white illustrations (reproduced are old letters and pages from books) completes the work whose English edition we hopefully can expect soon.
(R.B., III 2012)




Myron Samsin

As the cover text (verso) of this book reveals, this volume of the "Tübinger Beiträge" devotes to different theories of the origin of chess. In his contribution "Pawns and Pieces: Towards the Prehistory of Chess" co-author Myron Samsin pursues an interesting theoretical approach: the fusion of the old Greek board game Petteia/Poleis with an Indian (Chaupur-like) race game into a proto-chess which could have happened in the post-Alexandrian culture area of Asia. The plausibility of this theory is supported by the fact that in the reign of the Graeco-Bactrian kings a general fusion process of Indian and Greek cultural assets took place to a great extent.




Alessandro Sanvito


With Alessandro Sanvito an excellent authority in the field of chess history and chess bibliography belongs to our members – his outstanding work will be presented here. Generally the Italian chess guild is extraordinary active in this field – a look at the website of the C.C.I. Italiano will confirm that. (M.N.)

A new enlarged edition of that bibliography was released 16 years later - "dalle origini al 2015". See our announcement.









 Andreas Saremba


Unfortunately the first work of our software expert is only available to a very restricted readership – the members of the Lasker Society. Much to our regret, as you cannot imagine a better survey on the life and the work of Jean Dufresne.

PS: An enlarged second edition was published in 2006 (small number of copies as well), but a third edition is already anounced for 2007 ...

Johannes Fischer's interview with Andreas Saremba:
Jean Dufresne: Trotz Schicksalsschlägen ein heiteres Gemüt (ChessBase News, 2005-03-02; in German only!)




Allan G. Savage


Only 20 pages contains the "Marcel Duchamp Sampler" by Allan G. Savage which was "prepared specifically for the Chess Festival 1998" in Moline, IL in a limited edition. The booklet includes some short comments on Duchamp’s early chess career, expositions of conjugate (corresponding) squares (sister squares) in pawn endings, of their pre-history as well as the reconciliation of opposition and sister squares, completed by two annotated games of Duchamp. The paper was intended as a small "appetizer" for Allan Savage’s forthcoming book on Duchamp, and we wonder if we can still be curious about this publication!? (R.B.)

Thinkers’ Press, Inc., Davenport, IA
June 1998
ISBN 0-938650-99-8
limited edition of 200 copies




Ulrich Schädler

The trained archaeologist and present director of the Swiss Museum of Games has already published numerous articles in books and specialist journals, particularly in Board Game Studies (Yearbooks of the International Society for Board Game Studies) whose co-editor he is. His beautifully designed book Globusspiel und Himmelsschach - Brett- und Würfelspiele im Mittelalter was published only in a limited edition (Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, Darmstadt 1998. 64 pp. / Hardback, incl. mostly coloured illustrations.) (R.B.)


From the blurb (translated by R.B.): "In many respects the Middle Ages were an epoch full of the joys of life, an age of artistic creativity and innovation, an age of erudition but especially a playful age. Games served as a metaphor for the relations of man to the Creation, were the subjects of erudite discourses, educational instrument or more or less refined leisure activities – these aspects provide a backdrop for the medieval culture of play."


Further publications:

Alfons X. "der Weise"
Das Buch der Spiele
Translated and commented by Ulrich Schädler and Ricardo Calvo (†)
Ludographie - Spiel und Spiele, vol. 1,
LIT Verlag, Vienna/Berlin 2009. 336 pp.
Cover / Short description (in English and German)

As editor:

Spiele der Menschheit. 5000 Jahre Kulturgeschichte der Gesellschaftsspiele
PRIMUS Verlag GmbH / WBG Darmstadt, 2007. 224 pp.
Published on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Swiss Museum of Games (1987-2007).

Hans Holländer, Ulrich Schädler (Ed.)
Scacchia Ludus - Studien zur Schachgeschichte - Band 1
EDITIONS feenschach-phénix / chess FEE=NIX history vol. I, Aachen 2008. 615 pp.
Cloth bound edition / Dust cover / Text verso




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