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This column presents book projects of our members which were financially supported by the Ken Whyld Association.





 Reprint of "Die Brüderschaft 1885/1886"


One book project, the reprint of “Die Brüderschaft 1885/1886”, was already finished prior to our association's foundation: the years 1885 and 1886 were published at the end of April 2003 in one volume by “Publishing House Moravian Chess, Olomouc”.


Contributions to the project were made by Ralf Binnewirtz (complete transcription and layout of the volume 1885), Vlastimil Fiala (supplying copies for the transcription; printing/publishing), Tony Gillam (project idea and corrections of the English texts) and Michael Negele (review of the transcription and preface).



The reprint of the first volume 1885 was a great challenge as the original was handwritten in Old German cursive writing, so at first it had to be transcribed into common Latin characters.
For additional information such as on the historical background we recommend you the reading of the Preface.


The original volume from the
Royal Library, The Hague


The “Brüderschaft” which only appeared from 1885 to 1888 and afterwards changed into the “Deutsches Wochenschach”, is very sought after among collectors because of its extreme rarity; especially the volumes 1885 and 1886 are virtually not obtainable in the original. Therefore we are pleased that all volumes are available now as reprints.

Chess friend Hans-Georg Kleinhenz (Munich) has later found some inconsistencies and errors in the 1885 reprint, they are listed in this Errata-Zettel (in German only). Additionally he has entered the games of the first year 1885 into a ChessBase database which he offers to download at his Homepage.

We would like to indicate that KWA members get a 20% discount on all publications from the Publishing House Moravian Chess (exception: subscription of QCH = Quarterly for Chess History). For subscribers of QCH this member’s discount will be 30%. Also no shipping costs will be charged.

Our sincere thanks go to Dr Vlastimil Fiala for this generous support of our association.



The reprint of the Chess Reader  had also been initiated before our foundation, consequently the first printing of 100 copies by the “Publishing House Moravian Chess” could already be delivered a short time after our foundation event. So our members will be delighted to get a copy prior to this year’s Christmas, all the more as it represents a gift of our present chairman Jurgen Stigter to the founding members. Therefore – surely in the name of all members – heartfelt thanks to him!
We owe further thanks to Tony Gillam who as the copyright owner agreed to the project, as well as to Vlastimil Fiala for willingly undertaking the printing and for the rapid publication.

As an introduction to the Chess Reader we would like to provide you with some quotations and information:



Tony Gillam in his obituary of
Ken Whyld:

"At this time (the 1950s), Ken was busily collecting chess books. He began a magazine (Chess Reader, 1955-63) devoted to reviewing new chess books and during its lifetime he wrote over 500 reviews. This was not only a clever way of getting free copies but it gave him an outlet for his writing skills. This magazine is now completely unobtainable, even on the secondhand market, which is
a great shame as it means that Ken’s beautifully crafted reviews are also unavailable."





Excerpt from A Walk on the Whyld Side(reprinted from CHESS 11/1998, in: Sarah Hurst, Curse of Kirsan. Milford, 2002):

"Throughout the 1950s Whyld had also produced his own magazine, The Chess Reader. This was quite different from The Chess Student’s Quarterly, being exclusively devoted to reviews and discussions of chess books, but it had the same effect of keeping the editor in touch with chess buffs around the world. Whyld was simply doing something he wanted – keeping a record of new chess publications and obtaining a few free review copies along the way. Long before the invention of the PC and desktop publishing software, he laboriously typeset the pages. “I typed everything out with dots to the end of the line to see how many spaces I had to leave, then I typed each page out again with right-hand justification.” "

Foreword by Dr. Meindert Niemeijer (1902-1987) in CHESS READER Volume I, no. I:

"A magazine for chess bibliophiles is a “rara avis“ in the chess world, but certainly there is a need for one since ”Les cahiers de L’échiquier français” are no more issued. Therefore the intention to publish such a periodical in the English language deserves the support of all those who are interested in the secondary aspects of chess.

Only he who is not merely alive to the practical game but also to the history and the literature of the game of all games, will fully undergo the fascinating influence it exercises on humanity for many centuries.
May a great success be granted to Mr. K. Whyld to his new magazine.

Dr. M. Niemeijer."

We would also like to present to you the editorials by Ken Whyld from the first and the last issue:
First Editorial / Last Editorial (Christmas, 1963).

A few informative lists concerning the Chess Reader have been compiled by chess friend Michael Negele, they will be herewith passed on to our readers:


List of all articles (in addition to the reviews)

Vol. 1 no. 3  F. Le Lionnais, Two Kings share the world´s smallest Realm: 64 squares (from UNESCO "COURIER")
Vol. 1 no. 4  K. Whyld, William Winter An appreciation

Vol. 1 no. 4  D.J. Morgan, The A.C. White "XMAS BOOKS"
Vol. 2 no. 1  The Overbrook Press Series of Chess Books
Vol. 2 no. 1  An Early Magazine ("The Palamède" and its forerunners, of J.H. Huttmann, 1840-41)
Vol. 2 no. 2  Chess Tournament Books I (1939-1956)
Vol. 4 no. 1  Chess Tournament Books II (1939-1956, contd from Vol. 2 no. 2)
Vol. 5 no. 2  Chess Tournament Books III (1939-1956, contd from Vol. 4 no. 1)

Listing of years of publication (and places of indexes)

Vol. 1 Spring 1955 - Winter 1955/56 (Index no. 4 p. 59)
Vol. 2 Spring 1956 - Spring 1958 (Index in Vol. 3 no. 2 p. 31)
Vol. 3 Autumn 1958 - Autumn 1959 (Index no. 4 p. 63)
Vol. 4 Spring 1960 - Autumn 1961 (Index no. 4 p. 63)
Vol. 5 Spring 1962 - Christmas 1963 (Index no. 4 p. 63)

The attempt to continue the Chess Reader did not last long:
The Chess Player
Vol. 6 Midsummer 1965 Nos. 1-2


Ken Whyld’s lists of duplicates no. 10 to 27 as well as the first list for the closure of his collection end of 1963 (according to Hurst's interview) – the last sentence is typical of Whyld’s attitude to matters!

Chess lists
(Chess books and magazines - mainly second-hand, but in good condition, unless otherwise stated; offered by Ken Whyld)
No. 10 (July 1955)
No. 11 (September 1955)
No. 12 (February 1956)
No. 13 (June 1956)
No. 14 (November 1956)
No. 15 (October 1957)
No. 16 (May 1958)
No. 17 (November 1958)
No. 18 (March 1959)
No. 19 (August 1959)
No. 20 (December 1959)
No. 21 (May 1960)
No. 22 (January 1961)
No. 23 (April 1961)
No. 24 (January 1962)
No. 25 (May 1962)
No. 26 (August 1962)
No. 27 (May 1963)

No. I
"Due to a fundamental change in my private life I shall be selling my own chess library over the next year or so. The books will be listed in a series of catalogues, of which this is the first. Each item number will be prefaced by a letter indicating group. When I no longer have the books, I shall know for the first time exactly what I did have ! ..."


It turned out after completion of the reprint that a further issue of the Chess Reader (namely vol. VI, nos. 3-4, Febr. 1966) was published as a latecomer to vol. VI (nos. 1-2, Midsummer 1965). This one will also be reprinted and distributed to our founding members together with a further gift - on this point see our publications page 4.
A second impression of the Chess Reader including the a.m. additional issue is in preparation.


Here you may have a look at the introduction of the last CR issue: Intro








Presented in Forchheim:
2nd edition of the "Chess Reader by Ken Whyld", completed by the issue 3/4 of volume VI 1966 (missing in the member edition). This edition was enlarged by an obituary written by Tony Gillam as well as a foreword and an index both by Michael Negele.
Available from Moravian chess publishing house.











The first book project of the Ken Whyld Association after its foundation was finished at the beginning of August, 2005 when the Zukertort biography was brought out by the Exzelsior Publishing House Berlin. It is thanks to the intensive cooperation of the authors Cezary W. Domanski & Tomasz Lissowski, of the translator Thomas Lemanczyk, of the publisher's reader Michael Negele and of the publisher Raj Tischbierek that this work under the title Der Großmeister aus Lublin. Wahrheit und Legende über Johannes Hermann Zukertort (288 p., hardcover, ISBN 3-935800-03-7; shop price 29.- Euro) is available to the chess public in German language within only 3 years after the publication of the Polish original. Those interested are requested to pay attention to the message (pdf-file) of Michael Negele who you may also write to via e-mail (given below).

As a further appetizer we would like to offer you an "online reprint" of Richard Forster's article "More about Potter" (Late Knight No. 26). The article was slightly corrected/revised by the author - it includes some attractive encounters between Potter and Zukertort at the chess board!


Title and Imprint (pdf-file)

Table of contents (pdf-file)

Preface by Michael Negele (pdf-file)

At the moment remainders are still available for a reasonable price, i.e. 25.- Euro (incl. postage). Those interested are requested to turn to Michael Negele (michael.negele.wtal[at]t-online.de).






Text verso


The Polish original










By the chess booklets which Ken Whyld gave his friends all over the world as a yearly Christmas present he resumed the tradition of Alain C. White's famous Christmas series. As original copies of the Whyld series are extremely rare, we are very pleased that an initiative of the KWA on the occasion of Ken Whyld’s 80th birthday was successful in so far as now [May 2006] a reprint of all 17 booklets is available, united in one volume and published by Vlastimil Fiala’s Publishing House Moravian Chess (Olomouc).
[476 p., bound edition; ISBN 80-7189-559-8. © Caissa-90 and Ken Whyld Association]
The actual reprint has still been enlarged by a Part I. placed in front, including the following contributions:
- Introduction (by Michael Negele)
- Kenneth Whyld (06-03-1926 to 11-07-2003) In Memoriam (by Alessandro Sanvito)
- Plates (Tafeln) in Deutsches Wochenschach
- Kagans Neueste Schachnachrichten
- L’Echiquier Revue Internationale d’Échecs [Edmond Lancel] (compiled by Henri Serruys)
- Ken Whyld’s Christmas Series (by Alessandro Sanvito)

The titles of the 17 Christmas booklets are listed in our Ken Whyld book list.

As a further bonus the KWA Yuletide Series No 0 [Yuletide greetings 2003. (Gabriel Eloy Doazan) Labourdonnais – Morphy] has been added to the reprint.




As the third volume of our Ken Whyld trilogy a reprint of the periodical Chess Students Quarterly has come out, again from the printing press of Vlastimil Fiala's Publishing House Moravian Chess:


Whyld, K. / Cordingley, E.R.G.: Chess Student
- contains all volumes of 'The Chess Students Quarterly', Vol. 1-6. Published in August 2007; 568 p., € 35.- (shop price)

Text verso

Vlastimil Fiala will offer this book to KWA members at a good price of € 20.- only.

The preparatory work on the CSQ reprint (scanning and working over of the scans) proved to be especially laborious - due to the partly poor quality of the originals; we owe the completion of these preliminaries to Michael Negele who invested a large part of his leisure time in it. Moreover he contributed a preface garnished with passages from Ken Whyld's quite personal article on his friend E.G.R. Cordingley. Below we offer both for reading:

Michael Negele's Preface of the CSQ Reprint 

Ken Whyld: E.G.R. Cordingley. Publishing Pioneer (jpg-file, 700 KB) -
taken from CHESS December 1999

At this point we would like to thank Andy Ansel and Tony Gillam too for sending original CSQ issues. A valuable enlargement of our reprint is the inclusion of Ken Whyld's first publication Match Bronstein - Boleslavski 1950, we are again very obliged to Tony Gillam who gave the permission for its reprinting.

Additional Notification (02/11/2007):
Unfortunately it turned out that owing to a production fault the second part of issue 16 (p. 465-484) has not been included in the CSQ reprint. We ourselves regret it most that the reprint has been unsuccessful in this regard, and we would like to apologize to all those who are affected. We offer the missing pages here as a pdf-file:
CSQ Issue 16, part 2  (11.9 MB)



Der Tradition verpflichtet ...
Eine Bibliographie der Festschriften deutscher Schachvereine,
gegründet bis 1914

Obliged to Tradition ...
A Bibliography of the Commemorative Publications of German Chess Clubs
Founded by 1914

Date of publication: May 2008



The idea for this book had already been born in 2004 but good 4 years should go by before the result was available in book form. Naturally the decision to publish the book in a bilingual edition (German/English) had a lasting influence on the completion of the project. You will find more details on the history of the origins and the realization of the book in Michael Negele's introduction which we offer here for a reading in advance:

Below the contents from the book, please click on the small picture!


Scacchi e Scienze Applicate, Venezia 2008
Paperback, 214 pp., large format

With a preface by Egbert Meissenburg and an introduction by Michael Negele

Translation: Johannes Fischer
Proofreading: Leonard Skinner

Supported by the Ken Whyld Association


With the bibliographical entries all the German chess clubs (so far as known to the authors) have been considered which were founded by 1914 and have at least published one commemorative publication in the course of their club history. Apart from the pure bibliographical data also details about the contents of the commemorative publications have been given. Naturally the extent of these details vary a lot - simply depending on the contents of the commemorative publications.
The book contains numerous illustrations: nearly all covers of the commemorative publications have been reproduced in colour (>> Appendix), moreover there are 40 chess historically interesting black and white pictures (taken from the commemorative publications) in the bibliographical main part of the book.

We wish to express here our hearty thanks to our member Romano Bellucci (Venice) for his generous sponsoring of the project and for his commitment during the production of the book.

Romano Bellucci has kept a smaller part of the total edition, so our Southern European chess friends may order directly from him:

Romano Bellucci
Castello 5449
I-30122 Venezia

phone: ++39 (0)41-5223595
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


- for KWA members: 24.- Euro
- for non-members: 29.- Euro

All prices plus postage (depending on EU / non-EU country; continent)
Weight of 1 copy: 1,230 g

We have received quite a lot of important corrections and additions to the book from our attentive readers, many thanks for that! We have included all items in the pdf-file linked below, among other things eight additional commemorative publications. I'm sorry but at the moment this text is only available in German:

Corrections / Additions  (update: 30 October 2008)




Yuletide No. 0

The idea of a "Christmas Series", which as is well known goes back to Alain C. White (with 44 volumes from 1905 to 1936) was later on taken up on a smaller scale by Ken Whyld (see our Ken Whyld book list). Jurgen Stigter has decided to continue this nice tradition within the KWA, the first issue of the KWA Yuletide series (no. 0) was distributed to our members at the end of 2003 - beginning of 2004 (together with the supplement issue of the Chess Reader, see Publications p 2). The booklet of 15 pages is a photocopy of the original dated 1859, containing a letter (in French) by G.E. Doazan to George Allen with the title Labourdonnais - Morphy.
An English translation of this text has been worked out by our French country's representative Alain Biénabe (Bordeaux) in February, 2004. You will find the bilingual version (French/English) in the following pdf-file:
Yuletide no. 0
Many thanks to Alain for this commendable work.


Yuletide No. 1

As Yuletide No. 1 a small tournament book was reproduced which is extremely rare in the original: Schaakpartijen, gespeeld in 1851, gedurende den wedstrijd van het genootschap Philidor in Amsterdam. (Chess games, played in 1851 during the tourney of the Philidor Club in Amsterdam.) Published by W.F. Stramrood, Wijk bij Duurstede, 1852, 52 + VI pages, in Dutch language. Jurgen Stigter has completed the booklet with a four-page appendix where he places the introduction in Dutch and in English translation side by side.


Yuletide No. 2

The Yuletide greetings 2005 (Dubuque) Chess Journal Vol. V. April, 1873. NO. 38. A. VAN DER LINDE came out recently, it's the first publication of the series which was produced in bernd ellinghoven's "workshop". Furthermore an original article by Peter de Jong was added, so to speak in anticipation of his "Dutch Chess History before 1900".
Our thanks go to all concerned including Tony Gillam, our well-established proof-reader, but in particular to Jurgen Stigter who again has financed this "present" for all of us.


Yuletide No. 3



Today the Yuletide greetings 2006 arrived - just on time for Christmas: The King the Avowed Enemy of the Queen. A New Royal Game of Chess, played for half-crown stakes. Invented by Philoi-d'Or, executed by Robert Cruikshank. (First edition: London, 1820) The booklet of altogether 40 pages includes an introduction by Jane Robins, two articles by Gareth Williams taken from the Collector's Corner in the magazine Chess: A Royal Scandal (May 1993) and George Cruikshank, Charles Dickens and Chess (April 2004), as well as an excerpt from The world turned upside down; or, No News and Strange News. The quality of "Yuletide" has steadily been improved, that's now the first one with (partly) colour illustrations!
Many thanks go once again to Jurgen Stigter who has financed this issue, and to all helpers who contributed to its success. [23.12.2006]





Prof. Dušan B. Drajić from the Belgrade University had just joined our association (in March 2010) when he announced his new bibliographic project, and he has since pursued it with a remarkable determination and energy. His intention was a 4-volume bibliography of the Yugoslavian chess literature from 1886 to the present in a bilingual edition (English/Serbian), and already shortly after midyear 2010 he could present the first volume of the planned work. As per decision of the KWA board it was given as a gift to our members.














105 pages, hardback
ISBN 978-86-7466-387-5




Text verso















It took an additional half year only till the second volume was published (in February 2011), and at the moment (April/May 2011) the work on volume III is already in progress – it is supposed to see the light of day still in the course of this year. The books have been published in a convenient handy format (160 x 240 mm), moreover as hardback editions with thread-stitching pleasingly sturdy and optimally suited for a long-lasting use. The circulation is 300 copies in each case. You will find further details about the books in the reproduced forewords.



120 pages, hardback
ISBN 978-86-7466-400-1









Dušan B. Drajić has realised his work with high commitment in a surprisingly short time (- we have no doubts that part III will be "timely" available to us as well) and has acted here as author, translator, designer, producer and distributor in one person! His bibliography is an additional "building block" of the complete bibliography of chess literature worldwide.
Here we have to appreciate as well the valuable cooperation of our Welsh member Leonard Skinner who has exemplarily finished the proof-reading of the English parts of volume I and II.

KWA members can order volume II directly from the author - mailto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - after having transferred 12 euros (including postage; or 15 US$ for US/NA members) to our club account.

RJB, 1 May 2011


Prof. Dušan Drajić has published now the third volume of his Yugoslavian bibliography (for the period 1968-1979) in the established layout. This time the price has slightly increased to 15.- Euros. Our members can again order directly from the author (see above) after having transferred the a.m. amount to our club account.


Published by Academic Mind, Belgrade in September 2011.
Edition of 200 copies,
156 pages, hardback.
ISBN 978-86-7466-409-4





RJB, 30/11/2011



The fourth volume of this series was published in February 2012, it includes the period 1980 to 1991.
The price for our members is 15 € including postage, please address orders as usual to the author (see above).

Published by Academic Mind,
Edition of 150 copies,
168 pages, hardback.
ISBN 978-86-7466-424-7




Text verso



On 3rd of May, at the Belgrade Faculty of Mechanical Engineering a further promotion event took place with regard to the volumes III and IV. The promotion team was identical to that of the previous events (> volumes I and II): Prof. Dušan Vuković, chairman Sinisa Ruzicić, Prof. Dušan Drajić, FIDE Arbiter Bora Žarić and GM Svetozar Gligorić.


Dušan Drajić, Bora Žarić and Svetozar Gligorić


RJB, 09/05/2012


Exactly one year later, in February 2013 the fifth volume of the Yugoslavian Bibliography was published:



Published by Academic Mind, Belgrade
ca. 190 pages, hardback.
ISBN 978-86-7466-450-6

Price (for KWA members only):
17 € incl. postage
Retail price: 20.90 € + postage


Here the Table of Contents and the complete cover as PDF. The slight increase of the price seems to be justified in view of the number of pages.



As usual, please address your order to Prof. Dušan Drajić, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , after having paid the above sum to our KWA account or alternatively paid by PayPal to our treasurer Michael Negele, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , in this case please add 0.50 € PayPal fee.


Just as with the previous volumes, a promotion event took place in Belgrade: apart from the late GM Svetozar Gligorić, who was replaced by GM Ljubomir Ljubojević, the same team met on 21 February 2013. Prof. Dušan Drajić has sent us a few images:


Dušan Vuković, chairman Sinisa Ruzicić, Dušan Drajić,
Bora Žarić (International arbiter and chess author)
and GM Ljubomir Ljubojević
Click to enlarge!


On the screen a photo of Che Guevara watching GM Gligorić in Havana.


Ljubomir Ljubojević in the center of attention



As a supplement to the series we can present a booklet by Dragan Stojnić, containing a bibliography of Serbian problem chess literature from the period 1992-2013. It is bilingual (English and Serbian) as well, and Dušan Drajić has provided a preface





Published by Academic Mind, Belgrade 2013
Edition of 60 copies
Flexicover, 39 pages
ISBN 978-86-7466-480-3

Price: 7.50 € incl. postage from Belgrade










The last book of this series combines the 5 previous volumes of the Yugoslavian bibliography, including the work on problems by Dragan Stojnić as well as some additions and corrections. This time only in English, it has 316 pages, printed by computer. (The same book in Serbian - 349 pp. - will be published as well.)

This edition has been produced for KWA members only and is not for sale elsewhere.
Price: 17 EUR including postage within Europe.





Dušan Drajić and Dragan Stojnić

Published by Academic Mind, 
Belgrade 2016.
Edition of 150 copies,
ISBN 978-86-7466-609-8

Here is a scan of the foreword:
page 1 / page 2 (jpg-files)







From left: A friend and ex-student of Dušan Drajić (the latter was the mentor
for his M.Sc. thesis), Ljubomir Ljubojević, Dušan Drajić and Dusan's son Dejan
















The Chess Literature of Australia and New Zealand
By John van Manen
4th Edition

Updated to June 2009
By Bob Meadley and Paul Dunn


Click to enlarge!


Editor: Ken Whyld Association
Hardback, 242 pp., thread-stitching
Edition of 250 copies
ISBN: 978-86-7466-419-3

This bibliography of chess literature of Australia and New Zealand was published in autumn 2011 by Academic Mind, Belgrade. Bob Meadley and Paul Dunn had delivered the manuscript of the 4th edition whose publication was a quite long haul. More about that in the "Foreword of the Editor" reproduced below:

Early in 2006 our member Paul Dunn from "Down Under" contacted Michael Negele, who was at that time Chairman of the Ken Whyld Association. Paul and his coauthor Bob Meadley needed sympathetic support for a new printed edition of the late John van Manen's Biblio-graphy of the Australian and New Zealand Chess Literature (the last update by the author was in 1989). Our Australian friends had worked on that project for some time, and an electronic version (already finalized in 2003) was generously sent to Michael.

In principle the KWA board agreed during the La Tour-de-Peiltz assembly on giving financial support to the project, however quite a lot of concerns had to be overcome during the following years. Especially some mixed experiences with our "Obliged to Tradition …" bibliography caused significant reluctance by the KWA in taking on the role and responsi-bilities of a publisher.

Meanwhile Paul and Bob continued their work and provided a very presentable manuscript (counted as the 4th edition) in the summer of 2009. With only minimal changes (with regard to contents) still to be made, a positive reply was promptly given by the new KWA Board.
But again the realization was delayed, at that time KWA was simply missing the manpower necessary for the consistent pursuit of this project. Particularly we both (Ralf Binnewirtz and Michael Negele) were heavily involved with the finalization of the great Lasker monograph until nearly the end of 2009. This workload made it practically impossible to invest time and effort on an additional publication.

In the spring of 2010 it was decided that the original text still needed a proper layout, and a concluding proof-reading should prove to be necessary as well. As a consequence it was not before end of June 2010 i.e. after the Antwerp assembly, that Ralf Binnewirtz was officially tasked to complete the layout work.

Besides, after changing the format from A5 to A4 a complete revision of the index was necessary, and all the colored pictures in the book also had to be reworked in order to have a sufficiently high resolution for the final printing. It was thought that these efforts could be finished by the beginning of October 2010. Hereafter it again took some months before a final proof-reading could be done.

In April 2011 our member Dr. Leonard Skinner had kindly offered to deal with it, and in the shortest time he had completed this task. We express our sincere thanks to our comrade from Wales, who supported us for the fifth time in such a bibliographical publication.

The Ken Whyld Association also wants to thank Prof. Dušan Drajic from Belgrade who had agreed to undertake the printing and binding with his printer. These favorable conditions provided by our Serbian friend helped the KWA considerably to take on the burden of a publisher again. So we extend our thanks to the publisher Academic Mind, in particular to Aleksandar Raškovic, as well as to the printing office Planeta Print, all from Belgrade.

Last but not least the KWA Board would like to pay tribute to the two authors for all their patience and together with our Australian friends we hope that this bibliography will be helpful to all collectors, bibliophiles, researchers and libraries concerned with chess, its literature and its history.
Ralf Binnewirtz and Michael Negele,
on behalf of the Board of the Ken Whyld Association October 2011


The retail price of the book is 26.80 € plus postage.
There are reduced prices for our members:
- Order from Prof. Dušan Drajic (Belgrade) only possible in combination with
ordering one of the bibliographic works of Prof. Drajic; in this case the price
for the Australasian bibliography is 18.- € including postage -
mailto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- Order in Germany from Michael Negele, price 20.- € including postage.

Scale prices (including postage):
5 copies for 80.- €
10 copies for 150.- €
Bank transfers always to our KWA club account.





Belgian chess publications:
an annotated bibliography

by Henri Serruys and Guy Van Habberney



Self-published, Antwerp 2011

Softcover edition of 200 copies, 160 p., size 24 x 16 cm.
Color print on glossy paper.
ISBN 9789081724005
Weight: 438 g
Price for KWA members:
20.- € + postage
Retail price: 25 €.

Hardback edition of 50 copies, numbered and signed by the authors.
ISBN 9789081724012
Weight: 617 g
Price for KWA members:
40.- € + postage

Packaging: 1.50 €
Postage: 12.45 € (Europe, USA)
or 20.75 € (other countries)

You can order directly from Henri Serruys: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The authors presented their book for the first time to the chess public on 18/11/2011 in Brunswick. The high-quality layout, numerous pictures of the bibliographised works in color as well as text elements highlighted in color provide for an outstanding overall impression. A book that rouses and spurs the collector's passion on!
See also the short appreciation in the Publications of our members.





Hardback edition
(dust jacket corresponds to
pictures above/below)










Text verso :
Henri Serruys (*1948) is a founding member of the Ken Whyld Association of chess book collectors, while Guy Van Habberney (*1954) is the worldwide chairman of this organization, which promotes the collection of chess books and intends to contribute to a greater knowledge of the history of the game of chess.

In this publication, the authors give a comprehensive overview of all chess books published in Belgium, not just the usual technical books, but also those that are more literary in nature and that feature chess as a theme.
Images of all these books are provided.
The authors have also added very detailed chapters on Bulletins as well as on Magazines.









Ado Kraemer -
Eine biographische Skizze mit zahlreichen Zugaben

by Ralf J. Binnewirtz



                  Cloth bound collector's edition


Kuhn†/Murkisch series No. 45,
288 + xviii pages, with 269 diagrams and 19 pictures (2 in color), indexes of sources, names and themes.
Published by Nightrider Unlimited, Treuenhagen 2012
ISBN 978-3-935586-13-9.

Edition of 200 (paperback) + 50 (hardcover) copies

Order from: Verlagsbuchhandlung Godehard Murkisch, Herbartweg 3, D-37083 Göttingen, Germany
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Paperback edition
Title page with a famous
four-mover of A. Kraemer and E. Zepler

Price for members: 17.- €,
for non-members: 24.- €
- postage included only in Germany.

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Ado Kraemer, famous problem composer of the Logical-New German Problem School, is not only presented here with his unsettled life story but also with more than 260 of his problems, usually reproduced as diagrams and furnished with detailed solutions. Most of the selected problems and studies have not been included in the Kraemer/Zepler work Im Banne des Schachproblems, nevertheless the reader will find here many a masterpiece which would have been suited for that anthology. A recapitulatory appreciation of Kraemer's problem production is added on 3 pages subsequent to the biographical part. A whole lot of quotes and short articles by and on Ado Kraemer have been worked in which will contribute to shed light on Kraemer's personality.

Moreover for the first time Ado Kraemer is presented in this work as an OTB player (Master of Westfalia 1923, shared with Dr. A. Schäfer), all known Kraemer games are gathered in the annexe. The book has been carefully proofread by the editor, Godehard Murkisch who has also contributed a foreword.

Further information is provided by the Introduction / Einleitung and the Contents; besides the special Kraemer page at the author's Homepage (in German only).

You will find corrections to the book in this Errata sheet  12/04/2014 (PDF, in German).

Reviews of the book were published in the following magazines:

Schach - Deutsche Schachzeitung, August 2012, p.80f. (by Udo Degener)
PROBLEM-FORUM, September 2012, p.14 (by Manfred Zucker)
The Problemist, September 2012, p.473 (by John Rice)
feenschach, July-August 2012, p.464 (by Bernd Ellinghoven)
Die Schwalbe, October 2012, p.645f. (by Günter Büsing)
idee & form 116, October 2012, p.3849 (by Thomas Maeder)
König & Turm, December 2012, p.86 (by Hanspeter Suwe)




Das Schachturnier London 1851

by Mario Ziegler


1st edition, 2013
Publisher: ChessCoach
Hardcover, 555 pp.
ISBN-13: 978-3944158006
Weight: 1.12 kg

London 1851, the first international chess tournament of the modern era, is a cornerstone in the history of chess. Held in a knockout system with mini matches, it assembled the 16 leading European players of that time with the aim to determine the best. It is the merit of our Saarland member to have managed a comprehensive and modern reappraisal of this eminent chess event. The core of the book is formed by all the games, newly revised by the author and thoroughly analyzed with the help of modern chess engines. Contemporary annotations have been included where it made sense, this way integrating the viewpoints of the old masters. Naturally all information is given on how the event was prepared and became reality, as well as all participants are introduced in separate chapters...

More information (in German / PDF files):
- Foreword by DSB president Herbert Bastian
- Introduction
- Excerpt from the book, incl. Table of contents

Review by Harry Schaack in KARL 2/2013, p.64: www.karlonline.org/213_3.htm

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Die Internationalen Schachturniere
zu Meran 1924 und 1926

by Luca D’Ambrosio




Limited edition of 330 copies
Hardcover (synthetic leather), large format (27.4 x 20.9 x 3.6 cm), 500 pages
thread-stitching, dust jacket, picking belt

See also the announcement at www.arciscacchi.it.

Some more information provided by the author (PDFs): 
Folder on the book
Excerpt from the book (2.3 MB)

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Luca’s first major publication, his work on the chess tournaments Meran 1924 and 1926, is obviously a masterstroke, probably the finest tournament book ever produced; accordingly the spontaneous reactions of the readers were overwhelming. Particularly we have to emphasize the painstaking research work of the author spanning over 7 years, all the additional information and documentations given in the book, the throughout abundant illustration with rare historical photographs, drawings, lithographs and documents. And naturally the magnificent overall get-up of the book combined with an excellent layout by Ulrich Dirr.

R.B., 08-08-2014


PS (06-10-2014): A more detailed review (by Ralf Binnewirtz and Michael Negele) was published in the German magazine SCHACH 10/2014, p. 40-42 ["Erlesene Geschichte(n) V: Meran 1924 und 1926"].