A lecture by Michael Negele (2008)
- 5th anniversary of the KWA

Consultation game with John Donaldson (2008)





Roger Klittich announces Wolfgang Angerstein's lecture
Laska or Salta? (or Draughts ???) - June 2010.


Salta evening, again with a lecture by
Prof. Wolfgang Angerstein (2011)

Andreas Saremba on his planned "New Gaige" project



Wolfgang Angerstein gives a talk on marine chess
(November 2013)


Not least I would like to thank him personally for his excellent and selfless support of the presentation of the Emanuel Lasker monograph in November 2009 at the Duke August Library in Wolfenbüttel, which would never had come about in this wonderful ambience without him.

It grieves me still today that he is not in the photo (and he only acted in the background as a "genie in the bottle" to fulfill the desires of the guests).

Presentation of the Lasker monograph in Wolfenbüttel (2009)



Bottle of red wine with Emanuel Lasker label



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