At this point I would like to express my thanks to Karl Klittich who - in spite of the difficult situation - has willingly provided me with some biographical data.

Karl Klittich presents a bottle of wine 
with a KWA anniversary label (2008)


Roger Klittich was born in Pforzheim on 3rd June 1936, after the Abitur he started to study laws at the university of Heidelberg in 1955. There he became acquainted with his later wife Heidi Pfankuch, so it’s no wonder that the "Badener" (native of Baden) ended up in Lower Saxony after passing his first state examination in 1961.

There he worked as a trainee lawyer (Rechtsreferendar) at the Braunschweig Higher Regional Court, but after the sudden death (01-03-1962) of the senior partner Marie Luise Pfankuch he took over the management of the second-hand bookshop Karl Pfankuch. In the same year (exactly on 11 August 1962) Heidi and Roger Klittich married, their son Karl was born in May 1963.

The bookseller’s shop and the second-hand bookshop Pfankuch was founded by Karl Pfankuch in 1919. After his death the bookshop was continued by Marie Luise Pfankuch as a single-member company and in 1963 taken over by Adelheid (Heidi) Klittich-Pfankuch.

There followed the foundation of the Braunschweig publishing house Kleine Burg GmbH which henceforth took over the management of the newly founded limited partnership ("KG"). The bookshop was sold in 1975 and only the second-hand bookshop was still continued under the name Klittich-Pfankuch.

Roger Klittich had cleverly expanded the activities of the bookseller’s shop and of the second-hand bookshop, particularly since 1966 by the participation in the international fair of antiquarians in Stuttgart. In addition he willingly worked as a volunteer for the Association of German Antiquarians (1973-1978 as deputy chairman and from 1978 for more than a decade as the director of the a.m. Stuttgart fair) - Roger Klittich has always been a man of action, not just well-worded words.

He again and again gave proof of that by more than a dozen perfectly organized lectures, excursions (Wolfenbüttel, Ströbeck), or chess matches (John Donaldson consultation game; Lothar Schmid simul; Bernd Schneider simul) - see the photos below.


Group photo in front of the Duke August Library
(November 2003)
Larger photo of the group

Roger Klittich in the Bibliotheca Augusta
(KWA foundation event 2003)


First general meeting in Forchheim (2004)
- the Klittich couple with Lothar Schmid (†)

Hans Engberts (†) and Roger Klittich 
(Forchheim 2004)




Visit of Ströbeck (June 2006)
Larger photo of the group


Simul by Lothar Schmid (June 2001) ...


... and a clock simul (on 12 boards) by Bernd Schneider
in June 2005



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