Lothar Schmid with Wolfgang Angerstein
CCI meeting in Braunschweig, October 2008


Hans-Jürgen Fresen and Lothar Schmid with Reitstein’s A List of Chess Books
CCI meeting in Braunschweig, October 2008


Lothar Schmid with Manfred Mädler at the opening ceremony,
just after L.S. had won his "entrance ticket fight" with the security officers.
Chess Olympiad Dresden, November 2008.


Lothar Schmid looking at our Ken Whyld poster
(Introduction of the Lasker monograph at the Chess Olympiad
Dresden, November 2008)


Lothar Schmid shows his certificate,
he has been appointed honorary member of the Emanuel Lasker Society.
Eckberg dinner, Dresden, November 2008.


Thomas Thomsen and Lothar Schmid
in Braunschweig, November 2011



Lothar Schmid vs Michael Negele,
Lasker rapid tournament, Berlin, January 2009


Numerous obituaries of Lothar Schmid are meanwhile online, I mention only the newspapers Die Welt, The Telegraph and The New York Times. (R.B.)

PS (13/06/2013): Our member Tim Harding has published an obituary in his column "The Kibitzer" at ChessCafe.com, please see: Lothar Schmid, 1928-2013 (meanwhile only available for a fee).


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Paul Dunn (Macquarie, Australia), 31/05/2013:
Very sad to hear the news that Lothar Schmid has died. He visited Australia in 1971 and played in the Karlis Lidums tournament in Adelaide.
I was able to find all of his games except one and they are on www.ozbase.com.au.

Alessandro Sanvito (Milano, Italy), 28/06/2013:
I am sad; I heard that Lothar Schmid recently passed away after a long illness. I have met him many times and in different countries. He, together with many other chess scholars of the same generation, made many important contributions to chess, but now we are old. Grandmaster, famous arbiter in the Iceland match 1972, but chess books were his greatest love.
At first Chicco, than Zichichi and Ken, Pagni, Paoli, and so on … I feel sad! But such is life!

PS (17/07/2013): Alessandro Sanvito has sent us his own obituary (in Italian) to publish on our site:
Il Grande Maestro Lothar Schmid non è più.


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