On the Fate of the
Ken Whyld Library






Musée Suisse du Jeu



In December 2003 we received the following press release from our member Ulrich Schädler:

Ken Whyld's Library Saved

The Swiss Museum of Games at La Tour-de-Peilz (Switzerland) is pleased to communicate that Ken Whyld's library of chess books will continue to exist in its entirety. Instead of splitting up and dispersing Ken Whyld's legacy by selling the books at auction, the museum, the solicitors, and the heirs have agreed and signed a contract upon the transfer of the complete library to the museum. The museum will not only create a catalogue, it will also make efforts to make the library accessible to the public. Under the heading «The Ken Whyld collection of chess literature» it will be part of the museum's specialized library. Situated in a castle at the shore of Lake Geneva the only museum dedicated to 5000 years of culture history of games in the world will therefore house one of the rare public libraries for chess research in Europe.

Ulrich Schädler
Swiss Museum of Games




In the meantime the collection has been housed in a nice library room, the books have been put on the shelves and catalogued by chess historian Richard Forster.
The collection's strong points are the sections on early history, biographies, magazines, tournaments, endgames and bibliography.





In the course of our general meeting in La Tour-de-Peilz (May 2006) the participants were given a preview of the library (see our photo report) whose official opening took place only a little later - end of June - in the presence of Ken Whyld’s son Martin Whyld. As already stated the KWA is willing to publish a printed catalogue of the Ken Whyld collection.
(July, 2006)


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