Ken Whyld and Yuri Averbakh
"Tassilo von Heydebrand und der Lasa and his Chess Collection"
International Conference of Chess Historians
Kórnik, Sept. 16-18, 2002
(Many thanks to Tomasz Lissowski for this fine photo!)



Shakespeare & Co (pdf file, 2.4 MB)
Article by Ken Whyld from CHESS January 1997, p. 50-53
(added 06/03/2009, by kind permission of Jimmy Adams)

Tony Gillam, Ken Whyld: An Appreciation (CHESS 1/2004)

Kurt Landsberger, A Tribute to Ken Whyld

Chris Ravilious, Working with Ken

Jurgen Stigter, Ken Whyld, 6 March 1926 - 11 July 2003
(Board Game Studies 6, 2003, p 99-101)

Neil Brennen, A Tribute to Ken Whyld:
Three New Lasker Games

Michael Ehn u. Ernst Strouhal,
Kleine Erinnerung an Ken Whyld (1926-2003)
(Schachkalender 2004, S. 30-33;
zuvor von Prof. Ernst Strouhal am 18.10.2003 beim VII. Symposium
der Initiativgruppe Königstein in Berlin vorgetragen)

A further tribute by Alessandro Sanvito is included
in his article Ricordo di tre amici della CCI.

After all we meet an entry on Ken Whyld
in WIKIPEDIA - The Free Encyclopedia.



An early short notice on Ken Whyld appeared in
CHESS (Jan. 1950, p.83) when he was 23,
see P.C.C. Personalities (No.11)



Ken Whyld together with Anny and Kurt Landsberger at a business dinner.
We quote the latter: "Any time I was in England I met Ken ... In this particular case,
do not know the year but it was many years ago, invited him to join us for a business
dinner and he took the train to be with us. On the opposite side, end of table, was our
European Salesman Paul Sumner (still see him every time I am in Europe and his
nephew is Sting) and across from me our European competitors with whom we used
to be friendly ..." [The date on the photo suggests 21 May 1994.]



Sarah Hurst:

A Walk on the Whyld Side

The original interview with Ken Whyld was published in
CHESS vol. 63, no. 8, November 1998, p. 33-38
(please click on the small picture)



Edward Winter gives a correction in the
following issue (CHESS XII 1998, p. 44):


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