A promising alternative …

Now and then a welcome alternative arises from a cancelled appointment as it happened to me with my long planned meeting with my friend Andy Ansel at Long Island on 21/22 September. On short notice Andy had been occupationally recalled to Toronto where he stayed over the weekend. 

So the New York stopover on my business trip to North Carolina on Friday afternoon suddenly seemed senseless, and such a short-dated rebooking of my trans-Atlantic flight much too expensive. But a few weeks before a "strange fortune" had brought me in contact with our New York KWA member Larry List. (See our Seewerk report.) Larry works as a free-lance curator for art exhibitions (with an essential focus on chess), so at the New York KWA meeting 2007, in his felicitous lecture on "The Imagery of Chess revisited" he had informed us about the artistic aspects of chess. Over the years I had kept loose contact to Larry, so it was a great pleasure for me to make a very short-dated meeting possible in Manhattan in the morning of September 22nd. But not only that: Larry helped me to organize the transfer from JFK to my hotel on Broadway (and back) for little money. Moreover he arranged quite spontaneously an extensive "sightseeing program" in the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the few hours in the morning. Thank you very much for that dear Larry, it was a great sign of American friendship.


Larry List at breakfast


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Michael Negele and Larry List in front of the Museum


Hot dog stand in front of the MET: with 310,000 US-$ stall fee for 10 years
the most expensive rent per sqm in whole New York City!



In the Museum


Chess pieces and dice




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Larry List in his element



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