Another part of the supporting program was a blindfold simul on 3 boards played by "Philidor" (GM Stefan Kindermann in a historical costume) against three opponents from the auditorium.


Susanna Poldauf, Philidor biographer and exhibition curator, interviews Philidor ...


… as well as Philidor’s second "Sire de Legall" (ELG chairman Paul Werner Wagner).


The blindfold simul – Phildor’s opponents were
Dr. Thomas Thomsen, Vaile Fuchs and Kurt Bodewig.


Bouquets for the ladies – conférencier Susanna Poldauf, the soprano Barbara Kind
and Philidor’s companion "Madame D." (FIDE Master Dijana Dengler).


The complete organization of the event and the social program were stunning, the Saturday evening closed with a fine formal dinner in the track hall (photo below).


The team rapid tournament on Saturday and Sunday (9 teams, each with one "chess legend", 3 young players U16 and 4 railway employees) is very well documented on the sites linked below, so we will limit ourselves here to some pictures.

Clash of the chess legends: Karpov vs Timman (1-0)
– Karpov scored 6.5/8, without a single loss.


Swiss IM Oliver Kurmann lost his game against IM Elisabeth Pähtz.


In round 6 Robert Hübner unfortunately lost with the black pieces against Nigel Short.


In the blitz tournament Michael Negele could see "blitz chess from another star", hard to believe how GM Swiercz was destroyed by a little Dutchman.


Raj Tischbierek in his last-round blitz game against one of the youngsters.

Further impressions of the event and pictures from a short stroll through the city in this gallery (19 photos).


Trans-Europe Chess Express – Logic meets Logistics / English and German version

Großer Schach-Bahnhof in Potsdam at ChessBase – in German

Treffen der Schachlegenden in Potsdam by Frank Hoppe (DSB) – in German

Karpov shines as chess legends meet in Potsdam's Kaiserbahnhof by Peter Doggers / ChessVibes


PS: Moreover Raj Tischbierek’s article "Leuchttürme & Dampfloks" in SCHACH 11/2012 (pp. 60-63, 67-69) is to recommend to our German speaking members, just as the interview with Dr. Richard Lutz (pp. 64-66). Likewise we point to Harry Schaack's article "Stilvolle Züge" in KARL 4/2012, pp. 48-51.

PPS (09/02/2013): Also Jan Timman's contribution "When chess comes to town..." in New In Chess 2012/8, p.100f. partly deals with the Trans-Europe Chess Express event.



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