After nearly 14 years of services as webmaster Ralf Jürgen Binnewirtz had informed the board to retire with end of 2016. As Ralf had celebrated his 65 birthday last May, his most understandable intention was inaminously accepted. In a few days my appreciation of his indispensable efforts for our Association will be filed.

Today I just want to introduce our new website team (and so two new members of the Ken Whyld Association).

Bob van de Velde and Wilfried Krebbers

Bob van de Velde and Wilfried Krebbers

Our new webmaster is Wilfried Krebbers from Bedburg-Hau (near Kleve) in the very West of Germany. Wilfried is a chess addict as most of us, so he is a member of Turm Kleve and also the webmaster of his club´s website
Since a while he is maintaining his own website on his favorite grandmaster.

Wilfried will be technically supported by Frank Hoppe from Berlin, the well-known webmaster of the German Chess Federation.

Frank Hoppe, Winifred and Bob van de Velde

Frank Hoppe with Winifred and Bob van de Velde in Altenburg 2016

Since September 2015 I cooperated with Frank, and occasionally with Wilfried when my chess historical pieces had to be uploaded to the DSB website. It was always a pleasure to work with both chess friends, as they act prompt and very precisely. Their skills in programming in CMS Contao will allow to present an interactive website for the Ken Whyld Association in due course.

A major upgrade of our web platform was overdue since a while. This new website will be significantly "facelifted", so it should definetely attract more people interested in chess books and collecting. Foremost the communication between the members and potential members should be enhaunced.

As Wilfried will only be able to administrate the website, an editor of the English language content had to be found. We were most happy to announce that our foundation member, our former treasurer, my long-term friend Bert Corneth from Leidschendam has accepted to act in this function.

Bob van de Velde and Bert Corneth

Bob van de Velde and Bert Corneth, 2013

Please spend a warm applause to these three gentlemen.

Michael Negele of behalf of Robert van de Velde

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