On Sunday in Wijk aan Zee, Tony and Michael happened to meet Ervin Liebert, an Estonian chess historian from Tallinn, together with his grandson Erwin. They had a great talk on the two Pauls (Keres and Schmidt), and Ervin offered his future support for the Schmidt biography. By the way, Ervin’s English is marvelous, and he even speaks German pretty well. There will be a certain chance to introduce the Schmidt biography also in Tallinn in the course of the Paul Keres year 2016.



Michael Negele with Ervin Liebert



Erwin Liebert and Tony Gillam



Ervin Liebert with the Keres issue of KARL, next to him our Dutch 
member Nico Pos. Michael Negele’s article on Paul Schmidt’s time in
Germany (1940-52) will still appear in the coming KARL 1/2016.



Ervin Liebert is holding the Keres 2 Euro coin,
just issued in Estonia.

The Keres 2 € coin


Keres was the only chess player honored this way (naturally apart from Benjamin Franklin), and that for the second time, as there was already a 5 Krooni note with a portrait of Keres (3 series issued: 1991, 1992 and 1994):  





After the bad experiences of the 2015 meeting (finally the costs had to be borne by Guy Van Habberney and Bob van de Velde) the KWA board was not willing anymore to hold an official meeting at such a pricey place. So just as in former times, only an informal meeting had been announced to take place on Saturday afternoon in the Café Sonnevanck.

After all 13 members were present in Wijk, Jurgen Stigter, Tony Gillam, Bob van de Velde, Calle Erlandsson, Ron Bleeker, Peter de Jong, Bert Corneth and Michael Negele came to the a.m. Café. Moreover Leo Hovestadt, Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam, Rob Spaans, Alain Fayard and Nico Pos (the latter only on Sunday) have been spotted elsewhere ...


A series of photos from the informal Saturday afternoon is gathered in this gallery.


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