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Graves of well-known Chess Masters
and Chess Personalities




Alekhine, Alexander
Anderssen, Adolf
Blackburne, Joseph H.
Bogolyubov, Efim D.
Bohatirchuk, Fedor
Bronstein, David I.
Canal, Esteban
Capablanca, José R.
Caro, Horatio
Davidson, Jacques
Donner, Jan Hein
Dufresne, Jean
Enevoldsen, Jens
Engels, Ludwig
Evans, William D., Capt.
Fischer, Bobby

Flamberg, Aleksander D.
Frère, Thomas
Gligorić, Svetozar
Goldberg, Menashe G.
Harrwitz, Daniel
Junge, Klaus
Larsen, Bent
Lasker, Berthold
Lasker, Emanuel
Löchner, Friedrich
Michell, Reginald Pryce
Morphy, Paul
Nimzowitsch, Aron
Pillsbury, Harry N.
Réti, Richard
Richter, Kurt

Rubinstein, Akiba K.
Salwe, G. Henryk S.
Schottländer, Arnold
Showalter, Jackson W.
Steinitz, William
Tal, Michail N.
Tarrasch, Siegbert
Teschner, Rudolf
Tinsley, Samuel
Trebitsch, Leopold
van Manen, John
von Heydebrand und der Lasa, Tassilo
von Kolisch, Ignaz Frhr.
Winawer, Szymon A.
Wisker, John
Zukertort, Johannes H.




Adolf Anderssen
* 6 July 1818 Wrocław † 13 March 1879 Wrocław.
Anderssen's grave is situated in the cemetery Osobowice, Wrocław.

Photographs from the visit to Wrocław in 2008 (KWA Trip to Wroclaw).


Inscription on the back of the gravestone



Tassilo von Heydebrand und der Lasa
* 17 October 1818 Berlin † 27 July 1899 Osieczna, Poland
Buried in the Evangelical Cemetery of Osieczna (Stork's Nest).

Photograph from the visit to Stork's Nest, 2007 in the course of the II International von der Lasa Conference at Kórnik: Excursion to Osieczna




Thomas Frère
* 8 December 1820 New York † 19 January 1900 New York
Buried in the Greenwood Cemetery of New York.

Visit of the cemetery in the course of the KWA general meeting at New York, 2007 (The Ken Whyld Association in New York City).


Martin Hillyer at the grave of his forefathers



Daniel Harrwitz
* 22 February 1821 Wrocław † 2 January 1884 Bolzano
Buried in the Jewish Cemetery of Bolzano.

Photographs received from Luca D'Ambrosio; see also Luca D'Ambrosio on Daniel Harrwitz' track.






Jean Dufresne
* 14 February 1829 Berlin † 15 April 1893 Berlin
Buried in the Jewish Cemetery of Berlin-Weißensee.

Photograph on the occasion of the plaque's inauguration in 2006 (see the report On the way to "mystic places"...)


Plaque at the back of the gravestone

Frank Hoppe: Ehrung am Grab von Jean Dufresne (in German only)



Wilhelm (William) Steinitz
* 14(17?) May 1836 Prague † 12 August 1900 New York
Steinitz' resting-place is at the "Cemetery of the Evergreens" in Brooklyn, New York (Bethel Slope Section, Lot 5893).


Steinitz biographer Kurt Landsberger
at the grave of Steinitz


Photo taken from Chessworld Vol. 1, No. 3,
May-June 1964, p.46


A plaque in honor of Steinitz was inaugurated at Prague in 2004: www.fide.com/...



Ignaz Freiherr von Kolisch
* 6 April 1837 Bratislava † 30 April 1889 Vienna
Buried in Vienna's Zentralfriedhof.

Photographs from the regional KWA meeting at Vienna, 2010 (Visiting an Old Chess Metropolis).


Sein klarer Geist, sein edles Herz
Ward frueh des Todes Raub.
Verweht die Zeit auch seinen Staub
Besteht doch fort der Seinen Schmerz.





Johannes Hermann Zukertort
* 7 September 1842 Lublin † 20 June 1888 London
Buried in the Brompton Cemetery of London.

The grave had considerably sunk into the ground and was overgrown with grass, this year it was digged up by the English GM Stuart Conquest. Currently there is a project running with the Polish Heritage Society to restore the grave completely, and it will be re-dedicated next year (2012). Stuart Conquest has published an article on Zukertort (and Vincent van Gogh) in CHESS, October 2011 (p30-32): Starry, Starry Knights also gives the history of his efforts concerning Zukertort's grave.
All contributions to support the a.m. project are most welcome, please contact Stuart Conquest ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or the Polish Heritage Society via their website www.polishheritage.co.uk if you would like to make a donation.
Presumably the Ken Whyld Association will support this project as well.

PS (22/10/2011): Tomasz Lissowski informed us that the Polish Chess Federation as well collects money for the restoration of the grave. The appeal was signed by the Historical Comitee of the Federation which is headed by Tomasz. Moreover it should be mentioned that the Polish Heritage in the UK has called Zukertort "the best Polish sportsman of the XIX century".

PPS (26/10/2011): Stuart Conquest still informed us about a detail not included in his a.m. article: «... according to the cemetery supervisor, the Zukertort plot contains two earlier burials, which, however, have nothing to do with him. In other words, there would have been two "deeper" coffins beneath his. It appears this was not unusual at that period, at least at Brompton. Presumably this was a "cheaper" funeral option. The legal rights to a stone or slab always belonged to the last (most recent) burial, in this case Zukertort.»

Photographs by Stuart Conquest:





Update (09/03/2012)

Again Stuart Conquest has informed us about the current developments concerning the JHZ project at Brompton:
The official permission has now been granted by the Royal Parks Commission for the proposed work to go ahead. So things will now be moving much faster.

The project is two-fold: the restoration of the existing ledger (raising, supporting, cleaning, re-lettering), but also the placing of a new headstone alongside, with a suitable inscription in both English and Polish.
Below the proposed design of the new stone as submitted to the stonemasons:



The work may be completed as soon as July. There will definitely be a ceremony organised at that time (when the work is finished) to re-dedicate the grave.

If people wish to donate, now is the time to do so!
Stuart Conquest is accepting private donations at his personal bank account:
S CONQUEST, IBAN GB77 BARC 2013 3440 2808 52. All contributions, however small, are most welcome. Many thanks.
It is also possible to make a donation via the Polish Heritage Society.
Whichever way, he would ask people to please contact him privately and let him know if they have made a donation. His email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

This month, in London, Stuart Conquest will be meeting with members of the Polish Heritage Society. They are all agreed on carrying out this project to the highest possible standards.

There is also a project to affix a memorial plaque at Simpson's-in-the-Strand - this is definitely going ahead too. As we all know, it was here that Zukertort played his last game.

Below a recent photo of the grave, from Stuart Conquest's last visit to London:



PS (29/04/2012): Stuart Conquest just informed us about a new project, namely to make a short documentary film on Zukertort's life.
The memorial plaque at Simpson's-in-the-Strand is to be unveiled at a reception in late August.

PPS (08/06/2012): Good news about Zukertort's grave - here the wording of Stuart Conquest's yesterday's e-mail:

"It gives me great pleasure to confirm that the newly restored grave of Johannes Zukertort is now complete! I flew in from Spain to be present, and to meet the people who worked on this exciting project. I can confirm that they were thoroughly professional, and paid utmost attention to detail. I attach a selection of photos, below. You will from these have an idea of the work that was undertaken.
There will be a service to re-dedicate the grave on Tuesday, June 26th, at 13:00 (Brompton Cemetery, London), to which all are welcome. A Polish bishop has agreed to officiate. I hope a lot of chess fans will be able to attend!
I hope you all agree that the new grave is worthy of such an important figure in chess history."

You will find his selection of 16 photos in this picture gallery.

On this occasion it should be mentioned that the restoration was also supported by donations made by the Ken Whyld Association and by Michale Negele.

Rededication of Zukertort's grave on 26 June 2012

The previous day Steve Giddins had already announced this event in his blog (A great gesture), and Tony Gillam sent us a short summary afterwards - here the excerpt from Tony's mail dated 27/06/2012:
"I was in London yesterday at the Zukertort grave rededication. It was a
pleasant ceremony with about 6 or 8 chess players and over 20 people from
the Polish Heritage Society - 31 people in total. The new gravestone looks
very good, half in English and half in Polish on the front, and some chess
pieces on the back! The original horizontal stone has been cleaned up and it all looks very good. Jimmy Adams, Gordon Cadden, Ray Cannon and myself were there to represent the KWA. Jimmy and Gordon were talking about trying to do something for Philidor."
John Saunders in his Chess Blog as well as Peter Doggers on chessvibes.com gave more detailed reports with photos and a video recording of Stuart Conquest's speech.


Leopold Trebitsch
* 10 May 1842 † 12 December 1906 Vienna
Buried in Vienna's Zentralfriedhof.

Photographs from the regional KWA meeting at Vienna, 2010.


Grave of the Trebitsch family; Leopold Trebitsch
is "eternalized" top right (see picture below).



Arnold Schottländer
* 2 April 1854 Ziębice (Münsterberg, Poland) † 9 September 1909 Wrocław
Buried in the Jewish Cemetery of Wrocław.

Photograph from the visit of Wrocław, 2008 (KWA Trip to Wroclaw).


Sein Körper war schwach,
sein Geist aber stark.
(His body was weak, but his mind was strong.)


Berthold Lasker

* 31 December 1860 Berlinchen (Barlinek) † 19 October 1928 Berlin
Buried in the Jewish Cemetery of Berlin-Weißensee.

Photograph from the visit of the cemetery in 2006 (On the way to "mystic places"...).


Grave of Berthold Lasker and his wife
Regina, née Cassriel (1868-1928)





Horatio Caro
* 5 July 1862 Newcastle-upon-Tyne † 15 December 1920 London
Buried in the Jewish Cemetery of East Ham, London (Section E Row 18 Plot 14). Source: www.ecforum.org.uk/...

Photographs received from Gordon Cadden.






Emanuel Lasker
* 24 December 1868 Berlinchen (Barlinek) † 11 January 1941 New York
Buried in Beth Olom Cemetery, Queens, New York.

Photographs received from Andreas Saremba.





Harry Nelson Pillsbury
* 5 December 1872 Somerville, Massachusetts
† 17 June 1906 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Buried in the Laurel Hill Cemetery of Reading, Massachusetts

Link: www.findagrave.com...



Aron Nimzowitsch
* 7 November 1886 Riga † 16 March 1935 Copenhagen
Buried in Bispebjerg Cemetery, Copenhagen, in a "double grave" with

Jens Enevoldsen
* 23 September 1907 Copenhagen † 23 May 1980

Photographs from the Nordic KWA meeting in April 2006.






José Raúl Capablanca y Graupera
* 19 November 1888 Havana † 8 March 1942 New York
Buried in the "Cementerio de Cristóbal Colón" of Havana.

Photographs by Calle Erlandsson [Calle Erlandsson in Cuba (2007)].


Marble King on Capablanca's grave
inscription on tomb

Michael Sheehan (Berrylands, Surbiton, GB) has sent us additional photographs, taken by him in January, 2012. - Please click to enlarge:




Detail of the photos above



Richard Réti
* 28 May 1889 Pezinok, CSR † 6 June 1929 Prague
Buried in Vienna's Zentralfriedhof.

Photographs from the regional KWA meeting at Vienna, 2010.




Robert James (Bobby) Fischer
* 9 March 1943 Chicago, Illinois † 17 January 2008 Reykjavík, Iceland
Buried in the Christian cemetery of Laugardælir church, outside the town of Selfoss.

Photograph received from Michael Negele.


Stefan Böhm (SC Bayer Leverkusen) at Bobby Fischer's grave


Further Link:




Alexander Alexandrovich Alekhine
* 31 October 1892 Moscow † 24 March 1946 Estoril, Portugal
Buried in Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris (Lev Polugaevsky was buried here as well).

The grave was heavily damaged by a severe storm on 26/12/1999 and has been restored later on.

Photograph by Michael Negele (in November 1990):


Click to enlarge!


We received the following photographs and detailed information from our French member Alain Biénabe (Bordeaux).
Photos © Denis Teyssou (2004/7).

Alekhine was buried in Lisbon on April 16, 1946.
In 1956, his ashes were transferred to the Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris (Section 8).



This tomb was erected on March 25, 1956 by FIDE President Folke Rogard (Sweden), Vyacheslav Ragosin (USSR), Marcel Berman Vice President (France), World Champion Mikhail Botvinnik (USSR), Gian Carlo dal Verme (Italy) and Pierre Dierman (Belgium).
His tomb, where his name is engraved in Cyrillic and Roman, shows a chessboard:




The inscription reads (translated):

Alexander Alekhine
Chess genius of Russia and France
1st November 1892 - 25 March 1946
World chess champion from 1927 to 1935 and from 1937 to his death
Grace Alekhine née Wishar (1876-1956)

The tomb is surmounted by a bas-relief of Alekhine at chess (sculpture by A. Baratz):



Destroyed in 1999/12 (after a storm and a tree falling on the grave), it was rebuilt exactly and with the same materials.


After the storm

It was completed in early 2003, with support and funding of the Cultural Service of the Russian Embassy (they paid the bill on their own: more than 20 000 euros).

Our Italian member Santo Daniele Spina has sent us his article La tomba di Alekhine, published in L’Italia Scacchistica no. 1205, December 2008, p. 489 (click to enlarge):



Photograph by Arcangelo Blandini in Archivio Aldo Clementi.

A PDF of the article with two additional pictures:
Una foto originale della tomba di Alekhine





Additional Links:



Klaus Junge
* 1 January 1924 Concepción, Chile
† 17 April 1945 killed in action near Welle, Lüneburger Heide
Buried in the cemetery of Welle (Harburg District, Lower Saxony).

Photograph by Andreas Saremba (2011).



We give below three quotations on the death of Klaus Junge which we take from the linked pages (in German only).

www.denkmalprojekt.org/2009/kellinghusen_frdh_junge_wk2_ns.htm - A memorial plaque reproduced there gives apart from Klaus three additional "Junge" killed in action, probably brothers of Klaus Junge (see dates and place of birth!).

Klaus Junge kam im Jahre 1928 mit seiner aus Dithmarschen stammenden Familie von Chile nach Hamburg zurück und lebte dort im Uhlenhorster Weg 37. Er war ein exzellenter Schachspieler, der schon als kommender Schachweltmeister gehandelt wurde. In den letzten Kriegstagen sollte er mit einer Gruppe von 10 Soldaten in Welle im Landkreis Harburg die anrückenden englischen Panzer mit Panzerfäusten aufhalten. Die Bevölkerung wollte sich ergeben, wurde aber unter Drohungen gezwungen, die herausgehängten weißen Fahnen wieder einzuholen. Bei den folgenden Kämpfen wurde auch der Ort beschossen und teilweise großer Schaden angerichtet. Am nächsten Tag wurden die Leichen von Klaus Junge und fünf anderen Soldaten gefunden und zusammen mit ihren Panzerfäusten begraben. Diese hat man dann im Oktober 2008 bei Restaurierungsarbeiten an den Gräbern gefunden. Quelle: Bericht von Frau Elsbe Rabe, Nichte von Klaus Junge und Artikel im Nordheide-Wochenblatt v. 29. Nov. 2008.


Welle (Friedhof), Landkreis Harburg, Niedersachsen
PLZ 21261
Auf dem Friedhof befinden sich Kriegsgräber aus der Endphase des Zweiten Weltkrieges. – Hierzu findet sich in dem Buch "Krieg in der Heimat" von Ulrich Saft beschrieben, dass der auf dem Friedhof beigesetzte Leutnant Klaus Junge in Welle am 17.4.1945 etwa zwölf Versprengte gesammelt hatte, darunter auch auch Marineartilleristen, die am 16.4.1945 Schneverdingen verteidigten. Als britische Angriffsspitzen in den Ort fuhren, wurden sie mit Panzerfäusten beschossen. Der Leutnant und zwei Soldaten fielen in den Kampfhandlungen und wurden auf dem Weller Friedhof beigesetzt.

www.schachfreunde-sasel.de/presse/Schachfreund_Dezember 2010.pdf:

Article MEISTER DES SCHACH – KLAUS JUNGE (1924-1945) in
Schachfreund December 2010, quote p12f.
... Zumindest die letzte Frage beantwortet Helmut Riedl auf der Suche nach dem genauen Todestag von Klaus Junge selbst. Er führt ein Zitat an, in dem von einem Klaus I. gesprochen wird, bei dem es sich um Klaus Junge handeln soll:
"Leutnant Klaus I. hatte dort [bei Welle in der Lüneburger Heide] ungefähr ein Dutzend Versprengter gesammelt. Unter diesen waren auch Marineartilleristen, die noch am Vortag in Schneverdingen gekämpft hatten. Die Zivilbevölkerung hatte den Soldaten von der reichlich vorhandenen Milch angeboten und den Ort verlassen. Von Leutnant I. hatten sie den Eindruck, als ob er den Krieg noch gewinnen wolle. Als die ersten britischen Panzer nach Welle hineinrollten, wurden sie mit Panzerfäusten beschossen. Kurz darauf standen die Schmiede und ein Haus in der Moorstraße in Flammen. Leutnant I. und zwei weitere Soldaten fielen. Alle drei wurden später zusammen mit fünf Opfern der Luftangriffe auf dem Weller Friedhof beigesetzt."



Captain William Davies Evans

* 27 January 1790 on Musland Farm, St. Dogwell's, North Pembrokeshire, Wales
† 3 August 1872 Ostend, Belgium
Buried in the Old Cemetery ("ancien cimetière") of Ostend.

For biographical informationen on Capt. Evans see www.chesscafe.com/text/skittles141.pdf.

Photographs received from Henri Serruys.


Evans' sarcophagus in the center of the burying place











The "Grave Hunters" Tomasz Lissowski and Jurgen Stigter
at the Jewish Cemetery of Warsaw
(Photograph by Calle Erlandsson)


Szymon Abramowicz Winawer
* 6 March 1838 Warsaw † 29 November 1919 Warsaw
Buried in the Jewish Cemetery of Warsaw (Okopowa str.).

Photographs by Calle Erlandsson.


Upper part of the gravestone
Lower part of the gravestone


Jurgen Stigter at the grave of Rafał Winawer
(son of Szymon Winawer)



Aleksander (Avrohom) Dawidowicz Flamberg
* 1880 Warsaw † 24 January 1926 Warsaw
Buried in the Jewish Cemetery of Warsaw (Section 12b, Row 16, Number 20).
For Flamberg's forename see Edward Winter's C.N. 5952 and 5963.

Photographs by Calle Erlandsson.


Please click to enlarge!




Mikhail Nekhemievich Tal
* 9 November 1936 Riga † 27 June 1992 Moscow
Buried in the New Jewish Cemetery (Latvian: Jaunie ebreju kapi) in Šmerlis, Riga.
(Šmerlis is a forest and the site of the only remaining Jewish cemetery in Riga.)

Photographs by Calle Erlandsson.



Mikhail Tal monument in Riga



Paul Charles Morphy
* 22 June 1837 New Orleans, LA † 10 July 1884 New Orleans, LA
Buried in St Louis Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans

Photgraph by Michael Negele (in July 1989).


Click to enlarge!



Friedrich Löchner (alias Erich Ellinger)
* 12 September 1915 Heilbronn-Böckingen  † 18 February 2013 Hohentengen am Hochrhein, Germany

Friedrich Löchner has made his mark as an excellent Heilbronn and Württemberg chess player, moreover as a problem composer, pedagogue, poet and author. In 2012 he still enjoyed the best of health (according to Christian Wolbert, chairman of the Heilbronn chess club). Last February, at the age of 97 he died of a heart attack in the town of Hohentengen am Hochrhein.
The below reproduced urn grave already held the ashes of his wife Anita and his mother Wilhelmine, now he has found his final resting place here as well. His ashes were buried on March 1st, 2013.
(According to Dr Ulrich Löchner, son of the deceased.)

An article by Uwe Jacobi about the grave was published in the Heilbronner Stimme on 14/02/2004: Rätselhafter Grabstein mit 'Matt in drei Zügen'.

You will find more biographical details of Friedrich Löchner on http://blog.zitante.de/.... Some of Friedrich Löchner’s chess problems are presented on the website of the Heilbronn Chess Club http://heilbronner-schachverein.de/....
Three obituaries from the Heilbronner Stimme:
http://traueranzeigen.stimme.de/24207995 / http://traueranzeigen.stimme.de/24478080 / http://traueranzeigen.stimme.de/24207953
as well as a commemorative article (PDF) from the same newspaper.

Photograph received from Karlheinz Eisenbeiser (Buchen).



The family grave is situated at the cemetery of Heilbronn-Böckingen, it shows a three-mover composed by Friedrich Löchner with the position Kc2 Qa7 Bg3 Pf2 – Kd4 Pc5 (3#).
1. f3 Kc4 2. Qa4+ Kd5 3. Qe4#
with a dual (2. Qb7 Kd4 3. Qe4#) as an "allegory for human fallibility" (see the above linked article).
1... Kd5 2. Qa6 c4/Kd4 3. Qd6/Qd3#
1... Ke3 2. Qa3+ 3. Qd3#
Miniature with Y-flight of the black King.



Siegbert Tarrasch
* 5 March 1862 Wrocław † 17 February 1934 Munic
Buried in the Nordfriedhof of Munic.

Photographs received from Andreas Saremba.


Tarrasch biographer Wolfgang Kamm at Tarrasch's grave






Jacques Davidson
* 14 November 1890 Amsterdam † 13 January 1969 Amsterdam?
Buried in Zorgvlied Cemetery, Amsterdam.

Dutch Treat article by Hans Ree: The great Davidson

Photograph received from Eddy Sibbing, Max Euwe Centrum.


The gravestone with a "chess problem" (Mate in 1):
The white King leaves the visible board and
mates his opponent by moving heavenwards.



Johannes Hendrikus (Jan Hein) Donner
* 6 July 1927 Den Haag † 27 November 1988 Amsterdam
Buried in Zorgvlied Cemetery, Amsterdam.

Photograph received from Eddy Sibbing, Max Euwe Centrum.




Menashe Gershon Goldberg
* 12 May 1939 Radom, Poland † 7 January 2005 Amsterdam
Buried in Zorgvlied Cemetery, Amsterdam.

Menashe Goldberg was the owner of the famous chess café Gambit in Amsterdam.

Links (ChessBase articles):
Aniko Kiss: The oldest chess café in Amsterdam
Yochanan Afek: Menashe is no longer in Gambit (obituary)

Photograph received from Eddy Sibbing, Max Euwe Centrum.


Click to enlarge!



Ludwig Engels
* 11 December 1905 Düsseldorf † 10 January 1967 São Paulo
Buried in the cemetery "Da Lapa" of São Paulo.

Today the formerly handsome grave is completely neglected. Prof. Friedrich-Karl Hebeker has sent us a report about his recent visit to São Paulo: With Lourenço Cordioli at Ludwig Engels’ grave in São Paulo.

Photographs and text © Friedrich-Karl Hebeker, Düsseldorf (2011).


Esteban Canal
The sources widely disagree on Canal's date/place of birth/death:
* 1893 (grave inscription)
19 April 1896 Chiclayo, Peru (Gaige, Chess Personalia)
19 April 1897 Chielago, Peru (Birth certificate)
According to Alvise Zichichi (Esteban Canal [Brescia, 1991]) Canal was born before 1896 in Spain (Santander?).
See also Edward Winter's Chess Explorations (8).

An interesting version is given in Peter Anderberg's article "Esteban Canal in Leipzig" (Kaissiber 34, July-Sept. 2009, p.50, footnote 3): according to that Canal was born on 19/04/1896 on a ship on the Pacific Ocean, "on the way to Peru where his parents moved from Spain." - Quoted from Sahovski Glasnik 11-12/1926 by A.J. Gillam in Meran 1926 (1996), p.5; the original hint at this source came from Wolfgang Pieper (Osnabrück). (R.B.)

† 14 February 1981 Coquio/Varese, Italy (Gaige, Chess Personalia)
15 February 1981 Cittiglio (Death certificate)
Buried in Cocquio-Trevisago, Italy.

Photographs and information from Luca D'Ambrosio, Bolzano.


Grave of Esteban Canal and his wife Anna Klupacs
(Photos from November 2008)






Fedor Parfenovich Bohatirchuk
* 27 November 1892 Kiev, Ukraine † 4 September 1984 Ottawa, Canada
Grave at Pinecrest Cemetery in Nepean, Ontario, Canada.

Photograph received from Yakov Zusmanovich, Pleasanton, California.


Grave of Fedor Bohatirchuk and his wife Olga née Zykina



John van Manen
* 21 February 1922 Aalten, Netherlands
† 20 May 2000 Port Macquarie, Australia
Buried in the Innes Gardens Cemetery of Port Macquarie.

Two obituaries of John van Manen are linked below:
- Harald Balló's Schachzettel 181 (lower section of page)
- Sun-Herald Chess Column for June 11

Photographs by Bob Meadley / received from Paul Dunn.


John van Manen's last resting place


The inscription reads:

In Loving Memory of
21.2.1922 - 20.5.2000
Loved Husband of Inge
Father of Frank
Father-in-Law of Janelle
Pop of Michael, Melinda and Natasha
Great-Grandpop of Joshua
A Great Chess Historian



David Ionovich Bronstein
* 19 February 1924 Bila Tserkva, Ukraine
† 5 December 2006 Minsk, Republic of Belarus
Buried in the Chizhovskoe Cemetery of Minsk

Photograph taken by Arnold Yangarber (friend of David) in December 2011.
Photograph and information received from Yakov Zusmanovich, California.

David I. Bronstein's grave
(please click to enlarge)

In the photo from left to right: Tatiana Boleslavsky (the daughter of GM Isaac Boleslavsky and David's widow; she has a PhD in Music and teaches Theory and History of Music at the University of Minsk), Valery Ivanov (friend of David for more than 30 years), Sergey Voronkov (internationally known chess writer and historian).



John Wisker
* 30 May 1846 Hull, England
† 18 January 1884 Richmond/Melbourne, Australia
Buried in the Kew Cemetery of Melbourne.

Photographs received from John Dunn (Macquarie, Australia).


Bob Meadley pointing at John Wisker's
grave which was still unmarked.


Bob Meadley organised for a marker to be placed on it, and the grave was provided with a small plaque on a plinth:


Photograph taken in 1994 by the Kew Cemetery caretaker, John Shannon.
The plaque is about 200 mm x 200 mm.






Jackson Whipps Showalter
* 5 February 1860 Minerva, KY, USA
† 5 February 1935 Lexington, KY, USA
Buried in Georgetown Cemetery, Kentucky, USA (710 South Broadway).

Photographs and information from Maurice Carter (Fairborn, OH, USA).

The entrance


From the entrance, you would take the outer drive to the right. About half way around you will come to section I, the graves are to the left of this outer drive.


The large marker family stone of the Showalters


Inscription at the bottom


There are three smaller stones behind the stele, next to the large tree. The right one nearest to the tree is Jackson Showalter, the middle one his wife Nellie (see pictures below), the third one his son James.

There are a number of other Showalters buried in this family site:
The parents
Freeman Benoni (!) Showalter (1811-1904) and
Margaret Rachel Whipps Showalter (1819-1905)

The children
Freeman Benoni Showalter (1895-1978)
Infant (1901-1901)
James Watterson Showalter (1906-1936)





Jackson Showalter's year of birth on the stone (1859) is not consistent with the date given in Gaige Chess Personalia (1860)! (R.B.)
For Nellie Showalter who was a strong chess player see Edward Winter's Chess Notes 7482 and 7485.



Efim Dmitriyevich Bogolyubov
* 14 April 1889 Stanislavitsk/Kiev, Russian Empire
† 18 June 1952 Triberg, BRD
Buried in the cemetery of Triberg.

Photographs from Stefan Haas, Karlsruhe.


Here an enlarged section.


Another photograph provided by Michael Negele, from July 2015:




Reginald Pryce Michell
* 9 April 1873 Penzance, England
† 20 May 1938 London, England
Buried in Kingston upon Thames Cemetery, London.

Photographs and information from Paul Lonergan (England).

Paul Lonergan wrote: "[The grave] is situated in an extreme corner of Kingston upon Thames cemetery near the Dawson Road entrance. As one enters via the Dawson Road entrance, turn right and RPM's grave is against the wall. I located the grave earlier this year and tidied it up as it had some weeds and litter in it. The grave is unusual in that the headstone does not appear to have any foundation stone. The headstone reads: «Here lies Reginald Pryce Michell. Born 1873. Died 1938»." (E-mail 21/07/2012)



Click above picture to enlarge.



Svetozar Gligorić
* 2 February 1923 Belgrade, Yugoslavia 
† 14 August 2012 Belgrade, Serbia
Buried on August 16, 2012 in the "Alley of the Greats" at Belgrade's New Cemetery (see also the eulogy at ChessBase).

Photographs taken by Zdravko Savić, Maribor, Slovenia.







Akiba Kiwelowicz Rubinstein
* 01 December 1880 Stawiski, Poland 
† 15 March 1961 Antwerp, Belgium
Buried in the cemetery of Etterbeek in Wezembeek, Belgium.
(The Etterbeek municipality is a suburb of Brussels.)

The photographs below were taken by Mrs. Maja Kapturska, granddaughter of Janusz Woda, honorary member and former president of the Polish Chess Federation. Janusz Woda has sent the photos to Paweł Dudziński who forwarded them to me (R.B.).
Akiwa Rubinstein's date of birth seems meanwhile secured by official documents, see the contribution Rubinstein's DOB.  







Georg Hirsz (Henryk) Solomonowicz Salwe
* 24 October 1862 Warsaw, Poland 
† 15 December 1920 Łódź, Poland
Buried in the Jewish Cemetery of Łódź.

Photographs provided by Tomasz Lissowski, Warsaw.


The Jewish Cemetery of Łódź



The name and dates are hardly readable.





Kurt Richter
* 24 November 1900 Berlin, Germany 
† 29 December 1969 Berlin-Karlshorst
Buried in the Protestant Cemetery of Karlshorst.
[Source: DSZ 2/1970, p.33-36]

© Photograph taken by Michael Dombrowsky, Hamburg.






Rudolf Teschner
* 16 February 1922 Potsdam, Germany 
† 23 July 2006 Berlin-Steglitz
Buried in the Cemetery of Steglitz.

© Photograph taken by Michael Dombrowsky, Hamburg.




Jørgen Bent Larsen
* 4 March 1935 Tilsted, Thisted, Denmark 
† 9 September 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina

© Photographs: Skakhuset/Stellan Persson, Vaerlose, Denmark.

Stellan Persson wrote:
The Cementerio Jardin, Pablo Nogués, Av. Samuel Morse 303, Provincia de Buenos Aires became the last resting-place of the Danish GM Bent Larsen. A beautiful park, no large building or mausoleum, about 30 km away from Buenos Aires and not far away from Martinez, his home.
A small office informs about the place of the grave. The cemetery was opened in May, 1971. (There is an older British Cemetery on Plaza 1 de Mayo, in the centre of Buenos Aires.) 










Joseph Henry Blackburne
* 10 December 1841 Manchester, England
† 1 September 1924 London
Buried (he and his third wife Mary Jane) in Ladywell and Brockwell Cemetery, Lewisham, south London.

Samuel Tinsley
* 13 January 1847 South Mimms, England
† 26 February 1903 London
Buried in Ladywell and Brockwell Cemetery, Lewisham, south London.

Both graves (of Blackburne and Tinsley) were located a couple of years ago by Geoffrey Thurley, see Martin Smith' entry in the excellent Streatham & Brixton Chess Club blog where you will also find photos.
(Information by our member Tim Harding)



Another page which deals with gravesites of chess masters is Edward Winter's compilation Chess Explorations (8) - Graves of Chess Masters.

A nice booklet on "chess graves" was published 5 years ago in the Netherlands:
Rob Bijpost, Fred van der Vliet: Schaakgraven. Schaakkoerier no. 82. Motiefgroep Schaken (ed./publ.), 2006, 44 pp.
Here the cover of the booklet as PDF. The contents is also given on http://www.euwe.nl/koerier82-thema.htm.

Copyright © Ken Whyld Association

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