Jacques Davidson
* 14 November 1890 Amsterdam † 13 January 1969 Amsterdam?
Buried in Zorgvlied Cemetery, Amsterdam.

Dutch Treat article by Hans Ree: The great Davidson

Photograph received from Eddy Sibbing, Max Euwe Centrum.


The gravestone with a "chess problem" (Mate in 1):
The white King leaves the visible board and
mates his opponent by moving heavenwards.



Johannes Hendrikus (Jan Hein) Donner
* 6 July 1927 Den Haag † 27 November 1988 Amsterdam
Buried in Zorgvlied Cemetery, Amsterdam.

Photograph received from Eddy Sibbing, Max Euwe Centrum.




Menashe Gershon Goldberg
* 12 May 1939 Radom, Poland † 7 January 2005 Amsterdam
Buried in Zorgvlied Cemetery, Amsterdam.

Menashe Goldberg was the owner of the famous chess café Gambit in Amsterdam.

Links (ChessBase articles):
Aniko Kiss: The oldest chess café in Amsterdam
Yochanan Afek: Menashe is no longer in Gambit (obituary)

Photograph received from Eddy Sibbing, Max Euwe Centrum.


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Ludwig Engels
* 11 December 1905 Düsseldorf † 10 January 1967 São Paulo
Buried in the cemetery "Da Lapa" of São Paulo.

Today the formerly handsome grave is completely neglected. Prof. Friedrich-Karl Hebeker has sent us a report about his recent visit to São Paulo: With Lourenço Cordioli at Ludwig Engels’ grave in São Paulo.

Photographs and text © Friedrich-Karl Hebeker, Düsseldorf (2011).


Esteban Canal
The sources widely disagree on Canal's date/place of birth/death:
* 1893 (grave inscription)
19 April 1896 Chiclayo, Peru (Gaige, Chess Personalia)
19 April 1897 Chielago, Peru (Birth certificate)
According to Alvise Zichichi (Esteban Canal [Brescia, 1991]) Canal was born before 1896 in Spain (Santander?).
See also Edward Winter's Chess Explorations (8).

An interesting version is given in Peter Anderberg's article "Esteban Canal in Leipzig" (Kaissiber 34, July-Sept. 2009, p.50, footnote 3): according to that Canal was born on 19/04/1896 on a ship on the Pacific Ocean, "on the way to Peru where his parents moved from Spain." - Quoted from Sahovski Glasnik 11-12/1926 by A.J. Gillam in Meran 1926 (1996), p.5; the original hint at this source came from Wolfgang Pieper (Osnabrück). (R.B.)

† 14 February 1981 Coquio/Varese, Italy (Gaige, Chess Personalia)
15 February 1981 Cittiglio (Death certificate)
Buried in Cocquio-Trevisago, Italy.

Photographs and information from Luca D'Ambrosio, Bolzano.


Grave of Esteban Canal and his wife Anna Klupacs
(Photos from November 2008)






Fedor Parfenovich Bohatirchuk
* 27 November 1892 Kiev, Ukraine † 4 September 1984 Ottawa, Canada
Grave at Pinecrest Cemetery in Nepean, Ontario, Canada.

Photograph received from Yakov Zusmanovich, Pleasanton, California.


Grave of Fedor Bohatirchuk and his wife Olga née Zykina



John van Manen
* 21 February 1922 Aalten, Netherlands
† 20 May 2000 Port Macquarie, Australia
Buried in the Innes Gardens Cemetery of Port Macquarie.

Two obituaries of John van Manen are linked below:
- Harald Balló's Schachzettel 181 (lower section of page)
- Sun-Herald Chess Column for June 11

Photographs by Bob Meadley / received from Paul Dunn.


John van Manen's last resting place


The inscription reads:

In Loving Memory of
21.2.1922 - 20.5.2000
Loved Husband of Inge
Father of Frank
Father-in-Law of Janelle
Pop of Michael, Melinda and Natasha
Great-Grandpop of Joshua
A Great Chess Historian



David Ionovich Bronstein
* 19 February 1924 Bila Tserkva, Ukraine
† 5 December 2006 Minsk, Republic of Belarus
Buried in the Chizhovskoe Cemetery of Minsk

Photograph taken by Arnold Yangarber (friend of David) in December 2011.
Photograph and information received from Yakov Zusmanovich, California.

David I. Bronstein's grave
(please click to enlarge)

In the photo from left to right: Tatiana Boleslavsky (the daughter of GM Isaac Boleslavsky and David's widow; she has a PhD in Music and teaches Theory and History of Music at the University of Minsk), Valery Ivanov (friend of David for more than 30 years), Sergey Voronkov (internationally known chess writer and historian).



John Wisker
* 30 May 1846 Hull, England
† 18 January 1884 Richmond/Melbourne, Australia
Buried in the Kew Cemetery of Melbourne.

Photographs received from John Dunn (Macquarie, Australia).


Bob Meadley pointing at John Wisker's
grave which was still unmarked.


Bob Meadley organised for a marker to be placed on it, and the grave was provided with a small plaque on a plinth:


Photograph taken in 1994 by the Kew Cemetery caretaker, John Shannon.
The plaque is about 200 mm x 200 mm.



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