Rob Spaans, new regional representative
for the large Benelux group



The preview of items in the auction hall, you can identify Geurt Gijssen,
Hans-Jürgen Fresen, Calle Erlandsson, Egbert Meissenburg …



Two board members – chairman and treasurer –
in Lord Helmchen's outdoor area.



Egbert Meissenburg and Michael Negele met
to discuss the new Emanuel Lasker trilogy.



In front Stephen Rothwell, problemist and Schwalbe member,
he kindly agreed to help us with first translations for the Lasker trilogy. 
Next to him (sitting) Hartmut Laue, Jørn Erik Nielsen and Claes Løfgren.



The Russian chess book dealer Murad Amannazarov
(left, with his interpreter Sergej Koschmann
( from Braunschweig.
The man from Moscow was a quite active bidder during
the auction sale, here is an interview with him:



Michael Negele takes a snapshot of the audience,
"Sammeln – Lust oder Last?" [Collecting – Delight or Burden?]
was the topic of the upcoming speech.



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