Rolf Littorin turned 90!

On 3rd of January, 2012 our Swedish senior member and KWA founding member Rolf Littorin could look back on 9 decades. So he now belongs to the small group of the doyens of the KWA. Congratulations!

Calle Erlandsson has sent us a short note: "Peter & Joan Holmgren invited GM Ulf Andersson, GM Jens Kristiansen (Senior World Champion 2012) and me to a dinner at their new apartment in Kungsholmen, central Stockholm, on January 3rd. We had a toast for Rolf, who preferred to not celebrate his anniversary this time."

Moreover Calle wrote an article on Rolf Littorin in Tidskrift för Schack no. 1/2008 (page 30-32) when Rolf turned 85. The issue of the magazine is available as PDF: pdf [meanwhile not available anymore - 11-09-2015]

PS: The Swedish Chess Federation has made pdf files of oldTidskrift volumes (going backwards) and has reached 1989 (published at

A further tribute on the occasion of his 85th birthday (with a few photos) can be found on

We give below some more photos of Rolf Littorin (courtesy of Calle Erlandsson and Michael Negele).


Rolf Littorin in his private library, with a copy of "Hieronymus Vida".
(Photo Calle Erlandsson)


Rolf Littorin with Rudolf Glenk, the latter a new senior member
since December 2012 (photo by Michael Negele,
Klittich-Pfankuch auction, Brunswick 2002)


In Wolfenbüttel 2003, Bibliotheca Augusta / Duke August Library
- KWA foundation event
(Photo Michael Negele)


Rolf Littorin, 2004
(Photo by Calle Erlandsson)



An even older photo: Rolf Littorin in
Erik Lundin’s Schackparad 1 (1987)
– please click to enlarge.
(Michael Negele)



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