Our member Siegfried Schönle (Kassel, Germany) is in search of the CD Königsindischer Angriff by Don Maddox, published by ChessBase in 2002 and meanwhile sold out. Who can help? Please mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Our member Dušan Drajić (Belgrade) has sent us photographs of Svetozar Gligorić's grave. We have included them in our collection of Chess Graves.

PS (02/09/2013): Our new junior member Paweł Dudziński (Ostrów Wielkopolski) has provided photographs of Akiba Rubinstein's grave - have a look at our Chess Graves (page 7).

An important and thematically most interesting book on chess in Poland during WW II has just been published, covering the years 1939-1945. Written in Polish, there is a 5-page summary in English at the end of the book.

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(Updated 5/09/2013)

On the 10th anniversary of the death of Ken Whyld who passed away on 11th of July, 2003 we feel obliged to give a note of remembrance. Moreover we can offer a pictorial report on Michael Negele’s meeting with Tony Gillam in Cambridge last week.
[Slightly updated 13/07/2013]
[Second update 21/07/2013]

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The recent chess events in Prague and Brunswick were both visited by Michael Negele, we present a short résumé and quite a lot of photos.

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Several KWA members attended the Brunswick event on last Friday (21/06/2013), i.e. Michael Negele’s lecture on blindfold chess, as well as the chess auction on Saturday – it was the 64th (! – a magic chess number) auction of the house Klittich-Pfankuch. A pictorial report will still follow, here are the first photos provided by Michael Negele.

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Once again Michael Negele was on a chess tour last week: he visited the ČEZ Chess Trophy 2013 in Prague (match David Navara vs Yifan Hou) and gave a lecture there on the history of blindfold chess.

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A just released problem book by Michael Schlosser and Martin Minski stands in the tradition of T.R. Dawson’s and W. Pauly’s classic Asymmetry (A.C. White’s Christmas Series, 1927). Their work ASymmetrie contains a stupendous wealth of problems from all genres composed in the last ca 170 years, the earliest dating from 1841.

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Moreover our Italian member Marco Campioli has given a lecture on endgame studies to the players of the Club 64 (Chess club of Modena), for some photographs have a look at this gallery.

PS (07/06/2013): Due to losing his interest in chess, our English member Steve Giddins has decided not to rejoin the KWA, so I have deleted him from our lists. (R.B.)


Michael Negele has provided an obituary of our late member Lothar Schmid as well as a series of photos from his archive, and Tony Gillam has contributed some memories of the friendship of Lothar Schmid and Ken Whyld.


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In Memoriam
Lothar Schmid

* 10/05/1928 Dresden-Radebeul
† 18/05/2013 Bamberg

Our famous member Lothar Schmid, Karl May publisher from Bamberg, chess grandmaster and arbiter of the century, who owned the biggest and most eminent private chess book collection worldwide, is no longer with us. Last Saturday he died of age-related illness, only a short time after his 85th birthday.

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