Michael Dombrowsky’s work on the "Berlin Chess Legends" has now been included in our series Publications of our Members.

Tournament Swinemünde 1936: Our member Jan Kalendovský has compiled some games from different sources.

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Early in August, Tony Gillam will publish a new book on the tournament Mannheim 1914, particularly placing emphasis on the story of what happened after the tournament!

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Information by Tim Harding:
GM Alexander Baburin hopes in July to break the Irish record for simultaneous blindfold games, see http://www.icu.ie/index.php. Zukertort played 12 in Dublin in 1879: www.chessmail.com/zukertort/dublin-visit.html. Baburin probably intends to play 13.


Břetislav Modr

* 15-04-1946 Praha   † 07-05-2014 Praha

We give a short note on his death.

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Today our Hungarian member Iván Bottlik turns 80!

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The long-awaited tournament book on Meran 1924 and 1926 by our Italian member Luca D’Ambrosio has been published now!

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PS: Updated 23-05-2014

Our chairman Guy Van Habberney has written a short note on the visit of two Dutch KWF&A friends to Belgium:

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John Townsend presents his new book on British chess personalities of the 19th century.

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Happy Easter!

"Chess motif with seasonal accessory"
like an Easter Bunny

some chocolate eggs in the "rook’s nest" 

and a Turkish China egg (unfortuantely not by Fabergé).

And also an Easter Lamb - sorry, I had no lamb at hand, so it is faked by that poodle named Bruna.

Moreover Easter Customs ...

(Michael Negele)


Our Polish friends Ela and Jan Kusina were successful in their research on Akiwa Rubinstein’s date of birth, they have now confirmed by official documents that the DOB 01-12-1880 given on Rubinstein’s gravestone is correct! 

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