The biography of Miguel Najdorf written by his daughter Liliana, Najdorf x Najdorf (Biblioteca Nacional: Editorial Gran Blanco, Buenos Aires 1999 and 2008. 214 pp.) has been translated into Polish. Our member Tomasz Lissowski has kindly provided scans and photos.

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End of August our members Michael Negele and Bob van de Velde had travelled to Saint Louis to combine a visit of this year’s Sinquefield Cup (held in the CC&SC = Chess Club and Scholastic Center) with some research on Emanuel Lasker in the WCHoF = World Chess Hall of Fame, in preparation for the English three-volume edition of the Lasker monograph. 

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Two eminent chess publications have been released recently, A.J. Gillam's work on Mannheim 1914 and the Interned Russians and Peter J. Monté's The Classical Era of Modern Chess.

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As to the difference between the Foundation and the Association we give you this short (but hopefully didactic) explanation (PDF).

A long awaited and pre-eminent publication for problem friends has just been released by bernd ellinghoven (Aix-la-Chapelle): it’s the reprint of Grasemann’s "Reverend", commented and extended with most interesting contributions by Hans Peter Rehm and Stephan Eisert.

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PS (08-08-2014): Luca D'Ambrosios's tournament book on Meran 1924 & 1926 now included in our KWF&A Publications.

Justo Pérez from Sevilla, Spain has informed us about a new (limited) facsimile edition of the Codex Alfonso - the Book of Chess, Dice and Board Games finished in the year 1284. The superb facsimile is printed on natural parchment made of animal skin. Read more in this PDF file (4.1 MB).

A German chess legend turns 80 – Manfred Mädler, correspondence chess IM, collector, chess teacher, journalist, editor, publisher and dealer of chess literature & material since 1972 (at that time the Schachhaus Mädler was founded in Lübeck) can celebrate a special anniversary today.
Congratulations – also in the name of the KWF&A! 

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This year's summer auction in Braunschweig was again expected to be a most attractive event for chess collectors thanks to the fact that the second part of Lothar Schmid's duplicates should come up for auction. So it is no wonder that the auction hall on Saturday, 28th of June, was completely filled with avid bidders.

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The award just given the German magazine KARL by the DSB (German Chess Federation), the Deutsche Schachpreis 2014, was certainly a pleasing surprise.

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PS: English masters Blackburne and Tinsley added to our Chess Graves

The recently published book Schicksalsmomente der Schachgeschichte. Dramatische Entscheidungen und historische Wendepunkte by Michael Ehn & Hugo Kastner is a delightful work which we can wholeheartedly recommend to all German speaking readers.

PS (22-06-2014): Two new books by Gerhard Josten announced!

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